The 3 KEYS to Health

Where’s all the Content? Sometimes I look back on the 6 months worth of content I have been publishing and wonder that, to the average person, what about the things I say really pertain to “Holistic Health” or health in general. I will admit, there is scarcity of ‘how to get abs in 12 weeks’ …

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person wearing vegan hat

Why Veganism is a Bad Long Term Solution.

Not just Veganism, but all totalitarian diet concepts including Ketogenic and Carnivore are a terrible long term solution for health. By this I mean ideologies that deliberately denounce and reject all other competing fads of all merit. First let me contextualise this is the framework of health and well-being, as I’m aware that the choice …

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person behind a mask

Tired of your Mask?

Do you ever find yourself changing depending on where you are or who you’re with? If not, this will help you recognise why it is important & normal.