Don't Be Yourself

Today I wanted to talk to you about not being yourself. In my experience it feels like this phrase “just be yourself” is thrown around as the remedy and solution for every single forthcoming life problem. For the upcoming interview that is creating anxiety in us – just be yourself. For the date on the …

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negative thoughts

How Negative Thinking is PROGRAMMED

I wanted to share some insight into this negative thinking default we all seem to experience, and how we can work around this debilitating practice. First of all, the root of negative thinking and pessimism has an evolutionary argument. Take your ancestors, scrabbling around some many millions of years ago looking for food in order …

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woman lifting weights

Why Lifting Weights is Meditation?

It might seem contradictory, which might be fuelled further in respects to the featured image. I mean, surely you don’t expect me to draw comparisons with meditation and the considerable strain this woman is under?! Well, perhaps you can experiment and decide for yourself whether or not there is any truth towards this idea. But …

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