negative thoughts

How Negative Thinking is PROGRAMMED

I wanted to share some insight into this negative thinking default we all seem to experience, and how we can work around this debilitating practice. First of all, the root of negative thinking and pessimism has an evolutionary argument. Take your ancestors, scrabbling around some many millions of years ago looking for food in order …

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What Should I Do?

It’s a big question, one we all have resonance with. How does one simply decide what to do for the rest of their lives? I’m going to invite you on this following thought experiment, for you see we all get tricked and trapped by modern culture through pursuing the trappings of success. It is not …

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The 3 KEYS to Health

Where’s all the Content? Sometimes I look back on the 6 months worth of content I have been publishing and wonder that, to the average person, what about the things I say really pertain to “Holistic Health” or health in general. I will admit, there is scarcity of ‘how to get abs in 12 weeks’ …

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