about me

Joseph Tainsh

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Practitioner

BSc Clinical Exercise Scientist

My role as a healthcare practitioner primarily involves the study of your environment and how we can use science to develop synchronicity in body and mind. My employment in the healthcare industry has allowed me to work in various positions with a broad range of clientele. I currently work with Hertfordshire Council promoting health and wellbeing in those with physical and cognitive impairment. My vocation is to encourage people to recognise physical activity, nourishment and mindfulness as a medicinal prescription to a happy and healthy lifestyle.


  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Evidence Based Exercise (Personal Training)
  • Postural Assessments
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Chair Based Exercise (Seniors)
  • OTAGO – Postural Stability Exercise (Seniors)


As a Scientist, this part is really for me; as I grow into the field of research for effective solutions towards the prevention health epidemics, I also feel myself gravitating in the direction of some extraordinary fields of work particularly psychosomatic conditions.

Naturally, this desire predisposes me to seek opportunities in Psychology and working with individuals about internal states, relationships, habits and beliefs.