My Last Post.

My dearest friends, would you believe it’s been exactly a year since i started this blog?

I remember the beginning like it was yesterday.

I didn’t really have a clear vision, I just wanted a medium in which to express myself online, challenge my discipline and learn new skills.

I thought, if I can write twice a week consistently for a year that would be pretty impressive. And I did!

New Beginings.

I don’t like the ideas of goodbyes, instead I want those of you who read this regularly to see this as more of a thank you.

The reason why I’m leaving is my message and audience has changed. I’m looking to gear my message more towards young men who have lost their purpose in this world, and I want to channel my energy from WordPress into YouTube and Twitter, which is where a lot of men live.

I’m grateful to everyone who took the time to read, comment, like and follow.

I’ve learned so much about myself and this wonderful community.

If you need me.

Though my audience has changed, it doesn’t take away from the idea I subscribe to in my life in supporting others think, feel, do and be their very best.

Come find me below:

Twitter: @MasculineTheory

YouTube: Masculine Theory


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1 month ago

Thanks, Joseph, for the posts that you have shared, and best wishes on your new venture. 🤗🌷

1 month ago

Hiya- remember me? The one who wrote about shadows and you suggested to read Carl Jung on shadows. I closed my website a year ago. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs.

Do you have Instagram? My handle is @minasmessagesforthesoul

1 month ago

What a fantastic reason to say goodbye to WordPress. Your posts have been inspiring over this year and you’ll defo enhance the strong voice you already have on other media. Good luck xoxo

Lovie Price
1 month ago

aww…thanks for the notice Joe…seems we both have evolved…it has been almost a year for me also on here and my direction has also changed…not sure where i am going with it but in transition…but i do want to thank you for your posts and support and sending big hugs and blessings your way!

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