Life After Lockdown (COVID-19)

Now we’re free – here’s how to avoid going back in the cage.

Welcome friends, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on this life-changing event we’ve all gone through, a striking observation i have made and some simple structure revelation I’m going to share in order to get us back up and running for life after lockdown.

So, if you subscribe to the idea of getting back up and running as soon as possible and dodging any chance of this happening again, then this is for you.

Enjoying Stillness

So, I’m going to begin with the most interesting observation I’ve made throughout this period of uncertainty, and i’m confident i’m not the only one.

I’m sure that among those of you reading this now have become increasingly aware that people are really terrible at being by themselves.

Now, I didn’t realise that this truism is as prevalent as it appears. Speaking of myself as natural introvert, I kind of revel in the idea of having a day or even an evening completely to myself.

However, according to the news: people were and are more than willing to break the law and jeopardise the health and well-being of not only themselves but their families, for the simple luxury of meeting up with their friends in some form of secrecy.

And this was no drawn out phenomenon. I don’t know about yourselves, but people in my country were more than willing to risk lives of the vulnerable for trivial socialisation within the first week of the COVID-19 lockdown.

But I’m going to dispense with surface level ignorant behaviour you can characterise this as, because I think it’s telling of something a little more unsettling once you dig a little deeper.

Enjoy Your Company

If one can make the observation that people are willing to ignore potential life saving protocols, one could also make an argument that there is a large number of the population that doesn’t enjoy their own company.

Naturally human-being want to connect, and this is the first and most compelling argument. But I want to provoke another perspective in you.

Is it that people want to connect, or some people really cannot stand being alone with their thoughts, feelings and emotions?

It’s an interesting one. One that I believe the latter had some substantial weight behind. There is no underplaying the prevalence and potency of mental health in the elaborate world we live in today, and I feel COVID-19 and this lockdown has indirectly illuminated how serious it is.

Not even the deluge of entertainment and information we have at our fingertips can suppress the cascade of negative thinking, stress and anxiety that is spilling over and manifesting itself in unwise decisions.

I remark on this because I have noticed evidence of this unwarranted negative mental dialogue in myself at this time, which really brings me to the crux of my observation and also how I believe we must move forward from this experience.

And that is to allow yourself time to watch and experience these negative thoughts, emotions, anxiety and so on, because noticing is the first concrete step away from suffering and the evolution of you as an autonomous human-being.

The Lesson of COVID-19

Again, I believe in a rather circuitous fashion this lockdown period and the presence of COVID-19 has reduced the barriers needed to listen to ourselves.

The mental chatter that we ignore and push to the side in favour of work, entertainment or self-destructive tendencies. Now we cannot escape it, and this lockdown could be God sending us to our rooms to think upon our thoughts and actions.

Because perhaps objectively facing that inner narrative could be a turning point in your life, to finally enjoy your own company and not latching onto other people in hopes of escape.

That’s what I’m going to leave you with my friends. Meditate on your thoughts, watch them objectively without judgement and remember, it doesn’t take a lockdown to listen to your own inner compass now and again.

& If you subscribe to that, subscribe to me.


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1 month ago

Excellent post, Joseph !
The ‘strong’ person is the one who is comfortable being by themselves, with their own thoughts, in silence.

When we become comfortable in silence, we find that it is very healing.
That is why we talk about :’ Peace and Quiet.’ 🌷🤗

1 month ago

The video that goes with this post is deleted from Youtube. I don’t know if you did it yourself or Youtube did. But most of the video’s that has covid19, corona virus etc in the title will be removed. We are not allowed to see different opinions and thoughts then the mainstream media. (propaganda) 😉 Sorry for being absent for a while… i might pop in and out every now and then. Namasté my friend. Hope you are doing well.

Greetings Rob

1 month ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

Ofcourse i am like allways.. i have to catch up with them because of being absent for a while . Namasté 🙏🏻

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