How to Trick Yourself into Success

Your subconscious mind, it does not discriminate, it accepts all ideas

I’m going to share with you a technique that I know is very powerful, so much so that I believe it will be able to trick you into becoming successful in any field you so desire.

This might include financial success, health success and success in your relationships.

But, before I do, I need to ask you whether you subscribe to the idea of brainwashing, and if you do, then great and if you don’t, well maybe I can subconsciously convince you.

Levels of Consciousness

Let me tell you how your mind works.

You operate at several levels of consciousness throughout the day. Freud used the analogy of an ice-burg to describe consciousness awareness

The top-layer you can see is your conscious awareness.

Middle layer just beneath the water is the subconscious.

And down into the dark depths of the icy water is your unconscious.

One would presume that during your waking hours you mostly operate at the tip of this ice-burg at the conscious level, and I’d love to tell you that you are mostly right if we weren’t all so enslaved by our habits and constant wandering thoughts.

Even as you listen to me now, I’m aware that I probably don’t have your complete conscious attention, as part it has drifted away to ponder your next meal.

The conscious decision to click and view this information was made by your rational mind, your conscious mind. This is because you made a controlled decision to learn about the trick that could lead to your success, and I promise you that’s coming.

But in order to do so, I need to talk about that part of your attention that I still don’t completely have. The part of your mind squirming to click away or do something more stimulating.

This is your irrational mind or subconscious mind, that lies just beneath the icy water.

The Subconscious Mind

What you need to know about the subconscious mind is that it is the most loyal supporter and follower that you have have.

Like a dog following you around on it’s leash it will accept your ideas unconditionally, for it has no reasoning powers of its own. It cannot determine whether a thought is good or bad, it merely follows consciousnesses rules absolutely.

So much so, that if you consciously choose to believe that a certain pill will cure you of your illness, your subconscious will accept it as being true and proceed to bring about the certain results.

What’s remarkable about this, is peer-reviewed studies have been conducted for decades using the controlled variable of the ‘placebo’, which in essence is a psychological trick to make the conscious mind believe it is receiving medicine when in reality the subject has only taken a sugar pill.

The subconscious mind takes on the belief so strongly that it can actually have physical affects and dissolve previous ideas of illness.

Beliefs can be like a virus or infection, once it is accepted by the conscious mind, it travels down through the levels and spreads until the whole organism is consumed by the idea.

Reap & Sow

This is a fundamental principle adopted by the law of attraction, so the trick to becoming successful works by infecting yourself with the belief you already are.

If you imagine the state of your subconscious mind is like the soil, and every conscious thought you have is like planting a seed in that soil. Each reoccurring thought is watering that seed, nurturing it for growth until it blooms into reality.

This analogy really helps me, especially when you realise the negative seeds, the weeds in your mind that you’ve also been nurturing.

Plant the seeds of success in your mind and stave the weeds of negativity, and if you think it enough, eventually you’ll begin to feel it.

& if you subscribe to success, subscribe to me and we’ll get it done.


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