How to Practice Gratitude for Health

I’m here to remind you – It’s time for a celebration!

Do you consider yourself a grateful person?

Today I’m going to show you how you can exercise your emotional, mental and physical health through practicing gratitude.

We’re going to work backward in efforts to discover the roots of true thanks and appreciation, and you will discover the TWO things we have ALL taken for granted in this life.

Firstly, I have become aware of the presence of gratitude in two parts. The first is its absence. It appears to me that much of our attention has been stolen away, and much of our focus exists on placing value on external objects.

The second is in more conscious communities. These individuals are grateful for the home they have, the work they do and their families. There is no disparaging opinion from me here, as fundamentally these individuals recognise the value of mostly all they have.

But I really wanted to come down to the very basic and primordial level that we all exist at, and that is our health, our body, our mind. The only two instruments we truly have at our disposal.

The reason I continue to perpetuate this notion of prioritising our health above all else including financial success, status and even our own families is this:

Before we can start to pursue these objects of value outside of us, we first need to prioritize our minds and our body. For these are the vessels. These are the tools in which we experience the world.

You would need not worry about your financial success. Your reputation, the relationships you have or lack thereof if you didn’t first come to accept the only reason you can interpret them is through these devices. This is ultimately our health.

This channel is a celebration of these two devices, those two instruments in the body and mind. I will continue to celebrate them as they remain the most valuable technologies we have been given. If you were lucky enough to be born with a brain that is working, and is whole, and likewise for the body – know that you are very rich.

Perspective is Everything

Just for a moment, as you sit there, reading these words on the screen, become aware on your very body. The weight of your limbs, the heaviness of head, which shields that organic processing machine between your ears – what a blessing, what a gifts.

In my experiences, I have had the opportunity to meet with individuals who were not given this gift of both body and mind in their wholesome entirety.

This really sets the stage for this dialogue, and the conversation or thought I want to invoke in you. Yes, we can be grateful, and should be grateful for our home, the roof above our heads, the water flowing through our taps and our families.

Or we could be stuck in the unconscious pattern of pursuing things that are outside of us. Outside of our very bodies. Material possessions and things that would add no true wealth to our experiences in regards to the eyes we look out unto the world with.

This is why I’m here. I’m here to remind you of the only devices that you have. I’m here to celebrate them. I’m here to remember them.

There is something about using these technologies effectively that works in celebration of them, and not the antithesis.

These are the individuals who take their body for granted, who gorge on food and become obese, and fat and greedy. This is not the way.

However, this is also present in those who do not yet know how to witness their mind, for they are too distracted by shiny objects in the world. Phones, laptops, tablets, media and other distractions.

Know that you can be obese without physical implications. You can be fat and greedy in the mind, gorging on poisonous information like celebrity news and scaremongering.

Individuals too preoccupied to come to the present moment in front of them. Realise that the tools of your mind and your body culminate your very experience of the moment that is absolute.

You can be greedy and disrespectful of your body, and you can be greedy and disrespectful of your mind.

Know there is a way out.

Promotion of such actions that celebrate these two technologies. This is why we must engage in our bodies, in exercise, physical activity and ultimately movement.

The gratitude is in it’s use.

In dance, in walking, in running, in swimming, in honor of what we have been given.

In the same way if we don’t cultivate an element of stillness. If we do not meditate. If we do not participate in yoga. If we do not cultivate the witness of our thoughts and our thinking. Then we do our minds a disservice. They run away with us. They follow their own power. They become our oppressors.

As you are hearing my words in your head, and despite your efforts to quiet the chatter of the mind, so you hear and have a familiarity with those negative thoughts. Thoughts that whisper that you’re not good enough, that you should be better, that you should be more.

This is where our depression, our anxiety, our stress, and our mental health takes the biggest hit on both mind and body.

Won’t you stop and celebrate your mind, celebrate your body through healthy use.

Rediscover the joy of your own humanity my friend.

And if you are the type of person who is grateful – subscribe to me & let’s celebrate together.


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1 month ago

I mentally go down a list of all I am grateful for throughout each day.

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