You Have Become a Slave

You tell me, if you are your mind and body – why can’t you control yourself?

My friend you are here because you know something, what you know you can’t truly describe, but every single day you feel it and you may even be terrified to vocalise it.

As you are sat there, reading the words across this page, so you feel that there is something not quite right in yourself, and subsequently your life.

I call it a lack of harmony, you might refer to it as a lack of fulfillment, happiness and fundamentally meaning in your life.

The truth is, that you have become a slave to your mind and body.

Slave to the Mind

The function of the mind is to think and engage in thoughts. The mind is essentially a navigation system, it directs you based on the information that you absorb on any given day.

As if this wasn’t difficult enough, the mind also can function beyond merely the discrimination of information, but it also can look into the future and into the past.

In essence, not only do you have satellite navigation, but you also possess a time machine.

I do not need to tell you, that naturally, given the unprecedented power of a time machine sitting between your ears with no instruction manual – no wonder we have become slaves to its desires.

When you find yourself traveling back in time to revisit memories that remain unresolved, traumatic and filled with regret. Or conversely, when project forward in anticipation of future events that cause you stress and anxious energy.

Ask yourself this: how much of your time, attention and energy is spent propelling these negative thought patterns. Fuelling the engine of your own mental distress every single day. What is this if not slavery and captivity to processes that aren’t serving you and your interests?

Slave to the Body

Your body is the vehicle for moving through and experiencing this world. Primary, the body functions and interprets the world through feelings as opposed to the minds thinking.

You could appropriate your body and mind to a care with sat nav. If the body is car or vehicle, the sat nav or the mind directs it.

Similarly, I too have become familiar with watching the body engage in actions that are not resourceful for me. It’s almost like watching a stranger, you feel that shift when your body commits to that ‘autopilot’ modality.

It feels like your vehicle has been hijacked as you continue to engage in debilitating habits that are not conducive to the destination you ultimately desire to reach.

What is this if not slavery?

Breaking Free

The only way to break free from subjugation is to become conscious of captivity.

It is my intention to make it known that what you think is you in your mind and body has self-government over you, that you are not in control and if you are not in control of your physical equipment, best know someone else is.

Like a cog in someone else’s machine, you are serving someone else’s will, someone else’s desires, dreams and goals.

You are trapped in the boot of your own car, with someone else at the wheel.

Wake up.

And if you want to learn how to break free of your shackles, subscribe and together we can achieve liberation through health.


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