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How to Find Purpose and Direction in Your Life Using PAST EXPERIENCES

I can’t tell you where to find it, only you can – the clues are in your past.

Are you the type of person who subscribes to the idea of having a purpose?

Do you ever pause and think, despite your present circumstances that you were made to play a larger role in life than you are now?

As you sit there reading this, so you may start to feel a resonance with what i’m describing.

So allow me to take yourself on a journey of rediscovery, and how most people fundamentally find purpose and meaning through their past experiences.

The Question of Choice

Let me begin by telling you what you already know, it’s a heavy topic and an even heavier question to ask: What is your purpose or what gives your life meaning.

And I’ll save some of the more metaphysical and esoteric tangents we can get lost in for another time because fundamentally I believe the problem is choice.

In our contemporary society there exists a myriad of different avenues we can explore and get lost in, and herein lies the real question you continue to ask yourself: How do I know which one is right for me?

What do I do with all the possibilities?

Do I do what my parents tell me and become an accountant or the family lawyer?

Or do I just say fuck it and become a rapper or professional athlete?

Now did you see what I did there?

It’s the same thing you’ve been doing to yourself for a LONG time.

You’ve been asking yourself what occupation you should choose, I’m asking you what gives you meaning in life, what is your purpose?

I don’t care about your titles, because waking up to be a banker or to be a trader isn’t what will get you up in the morning.

It’s a completely different question. One that doesn’t get asked enough, and I think that’s why so many people are going wrong?

It is a heavy question, but isn’t what you do for the next 50 years a heavy reality?

The Significance of Suffering

I said the clues to your purpose will be revealed in your past, and I will do my best to help you, but you have to be honest with yourself – you have to give yourself time.

As you’re reading this, think back to moments in your past where you’ve experienced suffering, perhaps you are even suffering now, perhaps you’re in pain.

I want you to know that this is not a personal thing, this is innate in all people. Even in those individuals, you perceive to be most content. Behind the smiles there have been dark moments in each of our lives.

As you sit there and recall some of these memories, one or two will present themselves to you as being most challenging, and perhaps still have a hold on you now.

These are the slingshot moments my friends.

Every challenging, traumatic and negative event in your life that you have ever experienced, serves as the foundation for your life’s greatest purpose and meaning.

Like a slingshot pulling you back, stretching your character it can launch you forward, continually propelling you forwards on a mission unwavering in virtue.

This all sounds like a fiction book, but it can be your fiction only if you exercise the following message.

Intelligent Interpretation

Now, here’s where your honesty, patience and fundamentally YOUR perspective are going to be crucial in finding your life’s mission.

That secret to your future, your purpose your destiny or whatever you may call it, lies in the interpretation of your suffering.

To find purpose you must cultivate an interpretation that predicated on challenge.

If you have an alcoholic father who beat you all your life, who was the hands of all your suffering your interpretation is your choice:

On one hand, he was a drunk and a down right degenerate who deserves nothing than to be reprimanded for his actions. He made you the weak, wounded, miserable person you are today and he took away your life.

On the other hand, he had a disease. He suffered at the hands of his addictive personality and his was a product of poverty and dispossessing structures such as multi-national conglomerates. He lost his job and descended into violence and anarchy.

Can you see now where you can find meaning now?

Can you see how intelligent interpretations can change the sense in which you view the world?

Perhaps now you develop skills into helping the dispossessed, you create a legal council or move into an area of psychology for helping those in similar situations to your father.

You devote your life to bridging the gap of injustice in the world through your past suffering, you generalise it to others with the knowledge that out in the world, there is someone suffering just as you did – and they need you.

Your meaning, your purpose is in the transformation of personal traumatic events that can be magnified across culture. It is found in creating global order out of your personal chaos.

It is your karma – what you are here to do.

Find you life’s greatest adventure in the remnants of your past.

& If you consider yourself to be an adventurous person, subscribe and we shall make it so.


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