Happiness is in the Body

I have become aware of this misuse of the expression ‘happiness is a state of mind’. I have difficulty with this expression because it infers that you identify with your mind.

To be in a state of mind is to associate your well-being on the thoughts that arise from it.

But what if we only harbour bad thoughts? Thoughts about past situations we wish we could change which still influence our decision making in the now.

Conversely, what about good thoughts? I can hear all of you now perpetuating this notion of positive thinking, but try telling a depressed person to think positively – this is a mistake I often make and am guilty of.

Though that it is true that positive thoughts create positive emotions, which in turn manifest into positive actions, habits, character and so on. But how do we access the point of positive thought creation?

In essence, how do we take the first step towards liberation.

The answer I believe in through the body and the now.

The Vehicle to the Now

The present moment is something that cannot be described, it can only be felt and then subsequently, experienced.

The reasoning behind the advocation of physical activities for mental health such as yoga, weight lifting and even art is that they can only be engaged in through the medium of the body.

When I say that the present moment cannot be described, I’m talking around and about the space of time when you were fully experiencing the moments of physical activity.

The moments when we are so in our bodies that thoughts, a sense of self and even time ceased to exist.

There have been many attempts to describe what i am sharing, but again words fall short of the spender on the moment.

Move when You are Depressed

It is in these moments that you will create the gap of experiencing the world as – [insert your name] the depressed individual and just experiencing.

Even your name disappears.

The majority of mental illness including and not limited to depression, anxiety and stress is just an absence of experiencing.

Lack of movement; dynamic and kinetic activity will surely lead to depression and much more. I have no doubt if you’re depressed you are not moving or inhabiting your body, you are lost in the identity of your mind.

The scary thing is your ego will protect your identity ferociously. If you even attempt to do something unconventional or unpredictable like engaging in a dance or art class, you’ll hear that familiar voice.

“But that doesn’t sound like us? We don’t do that? That’s not consistent with the character we are?”

The reason behind the feeling of fear of challenging unknown experiences is that the mind doesn’t exist in these moments. Only you do.

It’s like flying with no navigation.

You still have your body though, you can feel it more alive than ever.

Break free from your grey, dull life.

Experience your body, then experience the moment.

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2 months ago

The colour of the shirt you are wearing is a relaxing colour.
I have part of my home painted in this colour in order to create a Zen environment.
Colour greatly affects our moods and emotions.
Thanks for a great post. 🤗

2 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

O, a bonsai tree ! I love those. Yes, that colour reminds me of the earth.
Interesting that I have two friends who are visual artists, and they both chose to paint their studios in that same relaxing shade. 🤗

Lovie Price
2 months ago

absolutely! i think we should be saying “do positively” to people who experience depression. Doing creates the inertia needed to start the engine , engaging the mind and spirit as it continues, much like a car… gets smoother one its warmed up! good post!

Lovie Price
2 months ago

* once, not one..lol

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