How YOU Make Success Inevitable

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I wanted to share with you a character trait that will make you successful in any endeavour you so wish to use it.

This is not limited to financial success, social success and even success in your health.

However, before I do this I’m going to firstly break down certain beliefs and stories we have about ourselves that prevent us from making the progress that we would like to see in our lives.

You are not “You”

Let me explain why you are not you.

Simply it is the over identification with your mind that many of us experience. You are neither you mind nor your body, but you have been conditioned do so, as these still remain the only devices you will ever truly possess.

What I’m saying is you can use your mind to think and you may use your body to feel. I liken them to apps on our smartphone, labeled “body” and “mind”. We can choose to press each app and experience the functions of body or mind, but you know you are never really attached to the thing itself.

For you are only the witness of such activity.

So we have access to this technology between our ears. It’s a very powerful device, capable of many impressive feats; it even comes with its own voice over. Now we all have this voice inside our head, it tells us what we think about certain people and situations; quite frankly it would get us into a lot of trouble if people knew what this voice was actually saying.

This voice belongs to the conditioned mind. This is the result of all your past experiences and the collective cultural ideas you have about the world.

This means that this voice comes from a place which is fundamentally of the past. You might even catch yourself explaining to other people why you think the way you do – oh it’s because my parents split up or my girlfriend cheated on me or quote another negative experience.

This is quite amusing, because if you have ever justified why you think the way you think, you are in fact acknowledging that there is distinction between you and you as the thinker.

There is a separation between the thinker and the witness of those thoughts.

Meditation is practice I encourage you to engage in if the concept is quite overwhelming news for you. It only takes 5 minutes of stillness until you begin to become conscious of thoughts appearing of there own fruition.

Realise the only control you have in relation to those thoughts is your attention to the present moment.

Back to Success

So what does this have to do with success?

If what you are saying is true why is this relevant?

Well let’s consider the options we have then in relation to success.

For which there are three.

Each more challenging than the last.

The first is that you continue to identify with your thoughts. You continue to believe that your actions are predetermined through the events of your past experiences. In this way your past and therefore your mind have government over your every action moving forward.

Success will be never be an available for you if you continue to use your past experiences as evidence against any idea that you are a successful person.

The second is what I would invite you to practice. Watch those thoughts. Watch those stories you tell yourself. Witness when you justify your identity through past events. Make no judgement. I only want you to come to know a deeper level of consciousness, one separate from the mind so many of us inhabit.

Those stories are so detrimental to our happiness, growth and success in this world. It is like a script that we have already written and one in which we are compelled to follow to predestined end.

Some of us are so over identified with the script our mind has constructed that we are blinded to the truth in front of us.

This is the third and final option.

This is the witness. It is enlightenment.

This is the moment in front of you now.

Enlightenment is a state of continuous uninterrupted experience to the present moment.

It is the state of no-mind and no time.

You cannot understand it through the medium of thought, for to ascribe words to it only brings your further away from the truth.

It cannot be told, it can only be felt, it can only be experienced.

Success Story

This is the trait to success ladies and gentlemen.

It is not a presence of mind, it’s a presence.

You see the difference between a successful person and the unsuccessful individual is perhaps lies in the belief of fate.

People who say they are unlucky, not talented and are generally unremarkable are simply following their life script until it’s bitter end.

Conversely, individuals who accept the past as it is, and leave it there as a separate event in relation to the current moment in front of them. They are the script makers, they hold the pen and the keys to success.

In order to make success inevitable – you make success inevitable.

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2 months ago

Hi ! This is very interesting.
In the Bible, the brain is never mentioned. People thought that thoughts and feelings originated in the heart.
The mind, however, is mentioned in the Bible.

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