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How Changing Your Life & Making Money ALWAYS Starts With Health

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So I wanted to comment on a sporadic occurrence in each of our lives when we feel the pull of getting really motivated and fired up about life. I feel like we go through seasons in which we get really animated about bringing about a big change in our lives; this could be anything from finances, relationships and of course health.

The dialogue that follows comments that no matter the goal or the change we wish to bring about in our lives ALWAYS begins with our health first.

What is Health?

Words point to different ideas; depending on our personal experiences with a certain word they can be interpreted in a variety of different ways.

I want to talk about the word health.

Health for you might mean having a nice trim physique, whilst the next person might perceive it as just being generally happy and free from illness. For arguments sake, my definition of health in this context points to the individuals’ state of both balance and freedom of available energy.

Energy can manifest itself in different forms, some of the more common you will have experienced relate to your emotions, which is energy in motion. The physical, which is the ability of your body to meet the demands of the environment. And finally the mental, which encompasses a great deal of planning, thinking and general cognitive function.

The Choice of Changing your Life

I want to bring some awareness towards the relationship health plays in our goals; and why we should be prioritising it even in the context of something like financial success.

So, let’s keep with that example of financial success; perhaps you want to get a raise or start a business on the side in the pursuit of a greater monthly turnover.

You want to make more money.

Where do you begin?

Well it seems to me you have two potential actions considering the two options.

Firstly, if you want to get a raise you need to demonstrate to your superiors that you are of high value; and that this value will be reflected in your salary.

Now, how does one show high value? Well typically the two most consistent characteristics demonstrative of high value are conscientiousness and competence.

This simply means the level of your intellect and the quality of wishing to do your work well. That’s option one.

Option two speaks to the more entrepreneurial side of you, the business man or woman. This is your side hustle.

Now side hustle by definition means that this is secondary or side on to a primary hustle, which is typically your job. The dynamics of pursuing such an endeavour is going to consume a lot of your time, which might otherwise be spent watching Netflix and other general unconscious behaviour.

BOTH options demand similar resources. Increasing your intellect will require time spent studying, reading around your job role, perhaps even staying later to demonstrate your commitment. Likewise a side hustle will require research, marketing and certainly learning new skills.

So we have the goal – make more money.

We have the options – getting a raise or side hustle.

And we can summarise the actions on both parts to this: sacrificing time, energy and momentary pleasures for a wealthier future.

Health FIRST

Why is my health so important in relation to making more money?

Well let’s go back to our definition: Health points to the individuals balance and freedom of energies in both the emotional, physical and mental domains.

So regarding the summary of our actions in relation to our goal of making money, I have a question for you: can you now consistently sacrifice your time, energy and pleasures on a consistent basis to get what you want?

Few people can do this; and the reason why lies in the concept of your health and the notion of trapped energy within that definition.

Trapped energy refers to when our resources are tied up in ineffective emotional, physical or mental behavioural patterns that are not serving us.

Let’s explore each of the three domains.

Trapped emotional energy can present itself in someone who gets us reactive or emotionally compromised. This could be someone you work with, a friend or even a family member who typically brings about certain emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, upset, depression and many more.

Physical trapped energy can manifest itself in lack or movement and poor diet choices like excess sugar, carbohydrates and fats. This also points to any physically destructive habits like excessive smoking, binge drinking and drugs.

Mentally our energy could be tied up in anxious thoughts which are typically associated with future events. Worries and stresses about paying bills, interviews, meetings and potential events thought with uncertainty.

Why does health come first?

If you imagine your health and subsequently your energy is like a water balloon. Instances like the ones I have just listed are akin to pin prick like holes in the base of your balloon, which is bleeding out water to these needless occurrences.

In this way, by putting your emotional, physical and mental health first; we begin to plug the holes in our energy reserves and subsequently our health. This salvages and maintains valuable resources in the pursuit of something greater.

We have conserved the energy needed when it matters most to engage in actions that will be most conducive to getting either a raise or staring a side hustle.

Instead of giving our energy away to Karen from recruitment for some sly comments, we are keeping it; transmuting it and transforming it into our efforts of study, research and commitment to our mission.

It is imperative that you look firstly at where your time, energy and health is being wasted in your current habits before committing to one of these big ideas for changing our lives.

Because changing our lives is no small task, it requires an inordinate amount of strength, energy and subsequently health.

You want to change your life – change your health.

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1 month ago

Hello Joseph

I really enjoyed this post. Such a great connection to health, wellness and financial success. Looking forward to future posts from you!

Mini Billionaire
1 month ago

Nice content 🙌

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