The Most EXPENSIVE Thing I Can NEVER Give You

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I wanted to share with you the most expensive thing I can never give you. No matter how much money you can offer me, no matter how much you beg and plead this is something I couldn’t ever grant you.

What I’m offering is something that optimises your life in every single avenue. It could be finance, relationships, health and much more.

But before I can really communicate this elusive piece of equipment, we have to first understand torture.

Yes torture. It’s not a typo.

How to Torture Somone

So I’m going to share with you some of the most effective methods of torturing someone. Probably something you never thought you’d hear, but his will all make sense in just a moment, so indulge me in this brief thought experiment.

This first method of inducing suffering is restricted movement. Now I don’t think you imagine someone being tortured in an open field or park, rather the equivalent of a dark and dingy jail cell.

Imagine a very constricting space where you are unable run, jump and generally move around. That in itself is an extremely unpleasant environment to be in. Claustrophobia sets in, the body itself almost becomes a prison through lack of movement. However this is just the beginning.

So we are essentially unable to move our bodies, then comes dehydration.

Water in all it’s miraculous simplicities provides the foundation for all functions in the human body from the large to the microscopic. It is a fundamental component to living, without which we would not survive.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what gruesome forms of inflicting physical pain does he have in store next; when is he going to pull out the thumb screws or start water boarding this unfortunate individual.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, for you’ll find no instruments for inflicting pain or suffering in direct linear sense. What I do have in my box of tricks though is Coca-Cola, Fanta and a myriad of other fizzy drinks at my disposal.

Sugary drinks as well as snacks will be available for you at every moment of the day, although confined in a small space I will accommodate your every surgery wish! Chocolates, sweets, crisps, desserts, you name it and its yours!

There is however a catch to this seemingly unlimited pleasure of snacks. You may only sleep 5 hours a day. Granted you can’t see when the sun goes down in your small chamber but hell, I’ll give you a watch so you may know the time.

What’s the THING!?

So what’s my angle with the whole torture thing and what’s this valuable tool you cannot give us?

Well, whilst it might not seem like the most conventional form of torture perhaps you know where I’m heading with thought experiment. Maybe even some of you are starting to draw parallels to your working day and even your office cubical – cramped space, sugary drinks and snacks, no water and lack of sleep.

The modern individual can draw comparisons between their routine life and this torturous scenario I have laid out for you.

This is a quick route towards weight gain, diabetes, depression, anxiety, mental illness and a myriad of other health complications. I said this wouldn’t be direct pain and suffering but trust that years or living this way will achieve the underside result.

I’m a coach, I’ve had many clients. I have an abundance of knowledge in exercise science and hold a variety of different sources on nutrition, psychology, philosophy and the rest.

You would think that sentiment behind the delivery of my coaching changes as I grow in competence. It hasn’t.

The sentiment is still – you need to move, you need to drink water, you don’t need sugar and you need to sleep 8 hours a day minimum.

Granted there always exists variation between individuals, no two people are the same. But get this – the people that ALWAYS change their lives for the better have something that others cannot buy.

You can purchase diet plans and training programs and book in however many consultations with me as you like. But again, I do no possess the means to bestow this tool upon you.

It is so elusive yet so potent, allowing you to master the art of showing up, even when you don’t feel like.

Some call it discipline, others call it dedication.

I have come to know it as the will to act.

Like I said, you can’t buy this from me, not that it isn’t something I wish to give. But now thinking about it, perhaps that’s why it’s an invaluable tool. Because it can’t be given. It can only be found.

Find the will to act; master the art of showing up.

Watch as your desires fulfil themselves as reality is forced to conform to your will.

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Antoinette Anast
1 month ago

Intense to think of it from this perspective but very true and maybe even necessary if we need the inspiration to act. I wished leaders of companies saw how this type of environment was torture for their employees, until then the will to act is in the individuals hands. Very interesting perspective thank you for writing this!

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