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Meditation is Freedom through Fasting

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I wanted to share with you an invaluable tool considering the environment we live in today.

This dialogue is largely predicated on the consequences of living in consumer culture, which is the age of addiction to sensation.

For example, let’s take our typical morning.

We wake up and before we can even muster the strength to get out of bed, we’ve checked instagram, facebook, twitter and every other social media application.

It’s like a routine at this stage. We’re just doing the rounds.

Before we’ve even considered a shower or even clothing ourselves, we can already feel the itch of ‘where’s my phone’. What’s going on in the world. I need information, I need this stimulation.

This addiction to sensation appears in everyone.

If it’s not social media, it could be video games or even food.

Find your particular poison:

  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Video games
  • Food/Snacking
  • Sex/masturbation
  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • TV/Netflix
  • Caffeine

I think it would unfair of me to mention that these are not inherently “bad”. I don’t like looking at things in terms of right and wrong. There is only what is going to be effective to your goals and what is not.

If drinking a glass of wine after a hard days work gives you the means to relax and recover for the next day, then by all means, who am I to tell you differently.

However, If playing video games after work is eating into the productivity of your side hustle. Perhaps this is something we need to bring more attention towards.

I believe you can justify some of these more modern habits with moderation. However, due to the abundance of these temptations I believe meditation is not only advantageous, but necessary to mitigate a myriad of health complications from the emotion, physical and mental.

How Meditation is Fasting

When we meditate, we fast.

In our stillness we are choosing to accept the reality of the moment. First, being mindful of our environment. With our eyes closed we can only hear sound. We hear the birds, the wind and cars outside passing us by.

When we voluntary journey inwards, we come to be present with our truth. What I mean by that is we become one with the individual, personality or spirit that is untouched by the influence of the external world.

Without relying on the five senses we come to know our thoughts; and when we overcome the chattering of those thoughts we come into a state of being.

This is the you purged from external control or bondage.

You are never more raw and you in stillness.

Come to know the entity behind your eyes.

Perspective, Joy & Truth

Being still for 20 minutes daily offers tremendous perspective. In this time you will have cultivated an awareness of your thoughts and in that, your impulses.

That voice in your head which bullies you into quitting in search for something more stimulating. Again, the addiction to sensation appears.

Becoming aware of impulsivity in this way offers invaluable perspective whenever our habits are concerned. In this internal battle between the moments where you are going to give into cravings you will question the purpose. The Why?

In these incidents, and on reflection I often ask myself whether this urge is serving me. Is having a cigarette bringing me closer or further away from my ideal? From my goals.

There is great strength of truth in meditation and subsequently fasting. When you choose to abstain and remove temptation from you something amazing happens.

You discover what actions are aligned with your becoming. Clarity of intention is unavoidable as you will see through your bullshit and excuses.

You will ascribe value towards certain actions.

Your choices will become self-evident as they bring you not only joy but meaning.

I am in joy when I’m writing, reading, speaking and teaching. But not only that, these choices overflow into the lives of others; and it is only because value flows to others does it give me meaning.

In this way I’d always choose to do these things. Because every small decision I take to write, or read or record a video. It brings joy two, three fold to me and others.

Somewhere along this life we live we will come to realise moral obligation stretches far beyond ourselves.

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