Why the World NEEDED the Coronavirus

I am a very optimistic person, I DO NOT believe that anything is inherently bad or evil. There is ALWAYS a ‘silver lining’ as it is commonly phrased.

We need to be thankful for the coronavirus (COVID-19), for there are lessons to be observed in its sudden presence in all of our lives.

Firstly, let me touch on the truth of how COVID-19 measures up against common conditions like cardiovascular disease. CVD kills over 400 people DAILY in the UK. Swap the name CVD for something new and scary like COVID-19 and everyone would be looting. Those statistics are scary.

Unfortunately old news doesn’t have quite the punch as something unknown.

Secondly, let’s talk about how much worse this could have been. I mean yes, I am not detracting from the fact that people are suffering and dying, this is true. But this is not world war 3, men and women are not being shipped off to be killed in some needless fight.

The fatalities remain remarkably low compared to our previous experiences with war, natural disasters, long-term conditions and other previous pandemics such as Spanish flu.

What I’m describing here my friends is the large degree of control and optimism we should employ over the current events. It is a miracle that some global catastrophe has not happened sooner. But at least this gives us the chance to take action in a different form.

Time for Reflection

The fundamental reality we need to be grateful for the opportunity for YIN.

In a world that knows nothing of rest and recovery this has been our karma.

This is the opportunity to slow down, pause and turn our attention inwards. There has been much talk about how the coronavirus will impact our health. About how in a state of isolation we are to become physically weakened and mentally distraught.

This is not true, for the reality is quite the opposite if you allow for it.

The events at this time desire for us to be in our bodies.

There is no greater opportunity than to sit and be still in meditation or to practice the boundaries of our physical form through yoga and home exercise.

Trust in the practices of physical engagement at this time instead of Netflix, YouTube, TV and especially the news – this will only add to our neurosis.

Remember – health is where you place your attention and energy, you can either choose to give it away to mindless activity or channel it inwards and towards the people you love.

Never before has the state of our world been so health conscious.

Sometimes we NEED dramatic examples to shake us out of APATHY.

Coronavirus has shown us where our complacency lies, our detachment from our bodies and health that we have neglected so long.

Never before have I seen such an emphasis for content on home workouts, immune system boosting foods and let me not forget personal hygiene.

We should all be familiar with that.

We WILL endure, but let this be a lesson to never again take our health for granted.

Most fundamentally we must not take human connection for granted.

In our physical separateness, we have become more united and whole than ever before.

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Ianus Christius
1 month ago

Yes, you´re right! Even do this is a pandemia, it is nothing compared to ex. how many people die every year from a simple flu (approx. 300k – 650k all around the world, that is 25k-50k a month), and even I don´t like most of the things that are connected with the NWO rules, I do think that we, humanity, need to think it over all that we are doing right now, to ourselves and the environment, and that we have to acknowledge that we are not really advancing in anything, quite the oposite, we are dowgrading for centuries, and… Read more »

1 month ago

Appreciate your insight!

Lovie Price
1 month ago

my eternal hope for the end game is that people realize all the crap they really didn’t need in their life to begin with..including technology which, while initially its use rose sharply , has seemingly declined as people begin to realize how utterly boring some of it really is..like “too much of a good thing”? But also I’ve noted that many have learned how much less they are spending over all , how much less pollution there is and how much wild life has returned. This pandemic,even as frustrating as it is adapting to, is actually a beautiful thing in… Read more »

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