TOP 5 Things You NEED To Do in Isolation (COVID-19)

My friends in lockdown and isolation, I wanted to share with you some medicine that will support you during this time of the coronavirus and uncertainty.

I’m including 5 practical things I would strongly urge you to do in order to preserve our emotional, physical and mental health.

These will keep you STRONG & BALANCED.


I’ve been experimenting with fasting for roughly 3 years now and decided to make it a staple in my daily routine due to its positive effects.

Some of the well-known benefits recorded and I can confirm through experience include consistent energy, razor focus, reduced headaches and reduced bloating.

The reason I bring light to fasting during this time in isolation is that it induces a process known as ‘autophagy’.

Autophagy is essentially a process of internal recycling. When we fast, the body is starved of nutrients. During this time period the body has an abundance of internal energy to spare, which would otherwise be used for digesting food if we were in our eating window.

Since we are not eating and digesting, the body puts this spare energy to good use by clearing out damaged cells and tissue to be reabsorbed into healthier cells.

Considering the populations irrational reaction towards COVID-19, fasting is a no brainer.

Firstly, not eating means you can skip a meal in the morning, which would otherwise be spent fighting a lemming over a box of cereal or bread.

Secondly, during your fast you boost your immune system through autophagy. This includes eliminating toxins associated with disease, repairing healthy cells, recycles proteins and overall promotes cellular regeneration.

Thirdly, during the period in which you adapt to fasting, your mind will be so absorbed by what you’re going to eat when you break your fast, that you have no attention left to give to social media and the news!


We touched on this briefly on the last point, however it is important to reiterate.

People are neurotic and are genuinely making themselves mentally and subsequently physically ill by reading social media and the news.

Individuals genuinely get addicted to watching those numbers roll in. How many more infected now, how many more dead?

Then forwarding information to others, gossiping about friends of friends that have contracted the illness.

Look all you’re doing is giving more energy to the virus. You’re not helping anyone, especially yourself if you continue to propagate scaremongering.

Stop reading the news.


We have all been given a wonderful opportunity for self reflection.

During the lockdown and more spend alone in isolation it is imperative that we cultivate mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the art of introspective awareness. Looking at our thoughts objectively and not identifying with them.

You might experience a flood of negative thoughts and emotions at this time, so it is equally important that we recognise we are not our thoughts.

To exercise this practice, I invite you to engage in meditative actions. This could be yoga, breathing exercises and typical meditation. This will allow you to become present in your body and the moment.

The moment is a gap or space in time where thoughts cannot penetrate. If you can start to experience the gap between ‘you’ and ‘you the thinker’ you will be on the path of cultivating a skill that will pay dividends not only now, but for the foreseeable future.


Now is not the time to be complacent, for there is a PLETHORA of videos and resources online that will support us in exercising and keeping the body strong at home.

There are literally no excuses, pick any workout and engage for at least for 4 days a week.

I’ve just started a 30 minute morning yoga program following along via YouTube.

It truly is an amazing time to be alive, whereby you can get professional and expert advice from the comfort of your own bedroom.

I don’t want to go into too much more detail regarding the benefits of exercise, for they are universally known. However, you will experience increased strength, mobility, flexibility, reduced depression, anxiety, stress, improved immune response and weight loss to name a few major benefits.


Again, we have touched upon the erratic nature of the mind, which will be emphasised more so in this challenging time. That is why it is essential to keep it occupied with reading – a kind of exercise for the mind.

Reading was something I neglected in my late teenage years, I could just never sit still and read, I always wanted to be out doing something.

If you were like me, now is the perfect time to reignite that flame or challenge yourself to reading a good book.

They come in many different forms. I am a sucker for self-help books, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, health, nutrition and so on. I like to learn and I can tell you my efforts have paid dividends.

From understanding intricate psychological concepts, symbolism in word and increasing my vocabulary has been critical for my everyday life.

Reading makes you smarter, it is as simple as that, even if you want to get lost in a good narrative I encourage you to do so.

If not, there are plenty of sources online, namely my blog. So, if you really don’t have any books in the house, go to and you can read my entire works for free!

Don’t Be Lazy

Look what I really want to communicate is the biggest obstacle to loosing your sanity here is you.

Don’t fall into the trap of binge-watching Netflix or YouTube and playing video games until your eyeballs give up on you.

We need to keep our body moving, keep our mind engaged and in the future this will seem like a mere bump in the road.

This is a big opportunity to do something different my friends. Learn a language, start a blog, start a writing hobby, make music – whatever it is.

Set yourself a mini project that you are genuinely excited about because you have a lot of time to spare; and if you squander it on mindless activity you’ll begin to crack.

Stay present, stay engaged my friends.

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