What COVID-19 has taught us about The Red Pill

What COVID-19 has taught us about The Red Pill

Firstly, I made this content amidst the growing concern regarding the coronavirus.

I come to share this information with you that most individuals are unable to accept the truth; and this is the reference to the red pill.

Some people are not ready for the truth because they are too heavily dependent on the system. To the point that given freedom of information, individuals will begin to act irrationally.

COVID-19 is a perfect example of this. No wonder the government keeps secrets from us. Because the average person is essentially a child. Given the slightest inclination that society will have to slow down for a brief period, and everyone loses all thought of rational thinking.

The action of panic buying beautifully illustrates that we live among frightened children disguised as adults.

Don’t misunderstand me, the media and the news are largely to blame, as they continue to perpetuate scaremongering for the sake of engagement and it is doing the modern man and woman no good at all.

National governments are going to look back at these events and realise that it is better to keep us uninformed. Not because we don’t deserve it, but because the average person is so hopelessly suggestible that it is unsafe to do so.

Look, I am a red pill advocate and I plan on waking up as many people as possible to the truth. However there are some that need a stronger nurturing hand in order to lessen the shock. Otherwise the reactions can be quite violent and unsafe for everyone.

My best advice at this time is to consider the sources of where you are getting your information; if you are reading twitter please stop. If you are neurotic or have a propensity for it, I suggest you stop reading the news altogether.

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I agree, When people have to think for themselves, life goes awry. It’s sad that so many people turn to the church for answers as well while the politicians exploit that misconception to their own personal ends. I have been practicing holistic health for awhile and feel there is no need to fear if my immune system remains strong.

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