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Happiness is Presence, NOT a State of Mind

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I’m going to walk you through the biggest lie society has ever taught you; and it’s going to play into this self taught diction of “I’ll be happy when”.

The commonality of this phrase “I’ll be happy when” is mental health suicide, and if you are someone who frequently entertains this phrasing, this is for you; and the rest who are struggling with finding and holding onto happiness.

First of all, I’m going to cut straight to the bone, there is this bullshit idea that happiness is some kind of promised land we have all yet to reach. That there is a place or time when all the pieces fit together, like a perfect jigsaw. There is no tangible happiness product you can purchase.

Social media has coerced us into thinking that our happiness, our liberation lies in fame, material possession, influence and the trappings of success. Again, that the collection of these desires will bring an everlasting change in our very biology. Something just clicks. We achieve happiness.

I share this because the truth is far closer than you think, in fact you need not think.

Thinking, and then desiring is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you acquire the thing you desire.

Where is Happiness?

I framed this by stating that happiness is NOT a state of mind, I don’t believe you can create happiness via the route of thought and then emotion.

I believe you can feel joy and pleasure, but those are not the same thing as being truly happy.

When you eat your favourite meal, get a massage or have sex, we experience pleasure of the body; and when we watch a captivating movie, talk to loved ones or even read a great book, you can experience joy in the mind.

Again, these are not the same thing as being happy.

The more I think and feel about it, happiness means presence. I’m drawn to even say that it is the union of pleasant physical sensation and joy in the mind, which binds us in the perfect dance of the moment.

It’s hard to describe presence, or the moment, because using words only takes you further away from the truth.

It’s closer to a feeling than a thought. But at the same time it’s something more than just a feeling.

The only analogy I can give you is those days that seem to really run away with you.

I loved playing football as kid in the park with my friends at the weekend. Those days always seemed to fly by and before you know it the sun was setting and it would be dark in a matter of minutes.

Where did the day go?

Have you ever experienced something like that?

To be in a state of flow so intense, but freeing that time itself ceased to exist?

Now that’s happiness.

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Grateful for your presence,


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Will surely chkk your youtube !! lot of poistivity here !!


Please do check out my blog. I started last year couldn’t understand and manage then now trying to keep it active. Total newbie here.

2 months ago

Happiness can also be the absence of negative thought combined with the ability to make your monkey mind thoughts help not hinder you.

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