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You Have a Split Personality (Your Shadow)

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Does it ever feel like you are living a double life? One in which you go to work, talk to your colleagues, go about your occupational tasks and then go home to live this completely alternate life with your friends?

I wanted to shed some light on this split personality we all seem to have and how you can better understand why you unconsciously live this way.

This split personality normally appears at work or when we are seen in society – the corporate world. This originates from the culturation process.

You see, when you were young, perhaps in your adolescence or at school you were shamed. Shamed for behaving in a manor that is not indicative of how one should behave in modern society. In school you were told to sit down and shut up because being bold and expressive is not acceptable and you had to bite your tongue; stifle your natural expansive behaviour.

In the civilising process, your teachers and perhaps your parents will begin a culling of those characteristics which pose a threat to the smooth functioning of the world.

I say this because it is a natural process and few, if any fail to escape it. Society will eventually tame you, like breaking a stallion you will conform to the masters.

This leaves us with the life of cultural indoctrination, the person you are when you’re at work and contributing to society; paying your taxes. Then there is the life at home, where you still feel the flicker of those primitive characteristic you keep hidden from your work place, your wild side as it were.

In psychology we call this the shadow, the dark side of the human psyche.

The reason I bring light to this is because not only does it hold a lot of your personality but also a lot of untapped energy that will make your existence a far more pleasurable one, only if we learn how to coexist with it.

You see if we continue to live this split personality life whereby we play by the rules at work with our suit and tie; and in the evenings we are getting wasted on coke and booze like the animals we are, then we are continuing to perpetuating this fragmented nature.

Many of us resonant with this fragmented or split feeling, like we are living a double life, that we are missing a part of us when we go about our 9-5; that we aren’t being real or true to who we are.

In order to negate the inevitable mental breakdowns, psychosis, depression, anxiety that accompany a fragmented psyche, we need to come back together.

We must go through INTERGRATION or our dark side, our shadow.

Society breaks us apart, but if we fail to put ourselves back together we live in misery and untapped potential for the rest of our lives.

This begins through consciousness.

Finding Your Shadow

Dealing with our inner darkness starts with shedding light upon it.

Recognise for all the parts of you that are light and good, you will be dark and impulsive. There exist parts of you that are you have kept hidden through shame, anger and warped beliefs you have about yourself. The consequences of not consciously bringing them to light will show up in your neurotic personality.

You WILL get sick – it is unavoidable.

Especially if you continue project your shadow onto others.

By that I mean, when we find ourselves judging others it is typically because we are seeing or experiencing a part of our personality that we ourselves have been taught to keep hidden or repressed.

Our sexual feeling, our freedom to cry or express ourselves and emotions unapologetically.

If you are still not convinced of the concept of your shadow, look at the people that cause you to be reactive. The reason for your reactivity lies deeper than simple resentment or annoyance. It is a part of you.

Start realising it.

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2 months ago

Good article ! Happy people are generally healthy people. And part of health is becoming aware of how to recognize, accept, tolerate, and modify our emotions. Thanks. 🤗

Lovie Price
2 months ago

This is why i believe homeschooling is so important. And in the U.S. there have been so many advances that ANYONE can do it. I tried & tried with my own kids for awhile when they were young but we had so many irrational and limiting structures back then. One actually had to have a college teaching degree as a mom! Not so now. My daughter home schools and i swear those kids will graduate college at age 10 some days- they are so smart, well rounded and happy. I truly hope as many as possible choose this for their… Read more »

Lovie Price
2 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

lmao..its one of my favorite films of all times..and even mentions on of my Fave people..Noam!!

Lovie Price
2 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

i wish i could attach it but i don’t believe we can do that here..i did a portrait of him that hangs in my bedroom…and i own quite a few o his documentaries..its a shame how old he has gotten in the sense that he is harder to follow and understand now..but he does have some stuff still on youtube:)

Lovie Price
2 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

good idea…thanks Joe!!!

1 month ago

Great post! I believe this is the reason many of us tend to burn out when we reach our mid 20s, early 30s. We can’t keep the mask on all our lives and not break. What’s important is to learn from that process and to slowly start to integrate our shadow, becoming one with our own selves.

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