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Prevent THIS Path to Depression

I talk a lot about how depression is an over-attachment with the past. Like a clingy partner, we grab onto certain memories and experiences that keep us trapped in a place we can never revisit.

One of the biggest factors that keeps us anchored in the past is the lack of an ideal to strive towards.

We all have heroes as kids, they keep life interesting and meaningful as we strive to emulate what they stand for. True characteristic’s worth pursuing like courage, humility, respect and ultimately helping others.

However, somewhere along the line we stopped seeking virtues and started clinging onto the capes of our heroes; by that i means the trappings of what success looks like.

We lost sight of our values and drowned in the attachment to the remnants of what we used to have.

Remember Your Heroes

People need mentors, men especially NEED mentors.

Mentors are our ideals. You can tell a lot about a person by asking them who they really admire, inspire to be like or particularly who’s advice they really value.

They can be a historical figure, family members, public figures or perhaps even fiction-based.

Who is your hero?

The lack of credible answers to this kind of question makes me fearful for the future youth.

Not having a hero is not having a goal.

If you have no goal then you have nothing to aim for.

Having a hero is like having a map to the place you want to go. If you’re every unsure of what action to take moving forward, especially if it presents difficulty ask yourself what your hero would do.

Remember your heroes.

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Lovie Price

i recall writing about this before. Remembering heroes and finding ones we can really relate to as adults – like real people.Not to copy but to watch as examples:) good post!

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