How YOU Create YOUR Downfall

So I wanted to shed light on a common thought practice we do that isn’t serving our best interests.

This is something we do unconsciously everyday because we have been fooled into thinking reality only works in two directions – for us and against us.

I’m going to introduce to you the concept of pendulums, a concept I learned from the author Vadim Zealand.

Pendulums are beliefs that harness energy, the bigger the idea or concept the more energy it can hold over us. It is important to recognise that these ideas can be perceived to work for or against us.

Let me give you an example.

Christianity is a pendulum with an extraordinary amount of energy behind it, the energy is perpetuated by the number of individuals supporting its extistence.

Pendulums are made powerful for only ONE reason, which is by the amount of attention you place upon it in your life.

Keeping with the example of religion, it will continue to be a powerful pendulum on the account people fuel it with positive and negative energy.

Your Pendulum & How to Destroy it

Again, pendulums are simply ideas or beliefs that we place too much attention on.

You may have a belief about your life that is not serving you, such as your proclivity for anxiety.

The more thought you harbour that justify its existence, the more you are allowing it to control you.

The more you perpetuate its existence, the more power you give it to rule your life.

Now, there is no doubt that anxiety exists in life. There are anxious people all around us. However, the cure to removing the power of the swing of the pendulum is by simply ACKNOWLEDGEMENT & INDIFFERENCE.

What I mean by that is understand and accept it is a real phenomenon – then, move past it, do not supply it with energy enough to dictate your life.

This means do not make any subjective comments around it’s existence, for you risk adding to its momentum.

Look at it objectively – then take your attention elsewhere if it is not serving you.

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