What Should I Do?

It’s a big question, one we all have resonance with. How does one simply decide what to do for the rest of their lives?

I’m going to invite you on this following thought experiment, for you see we all get tricked and trapped by modern culture through pursuing the trappings of success.

It is not wrong to desire success.

However success feels differently to how it looks.

High paying jobs our culture would have you believe secures your happiness such as bankers, lawyers, accountants are merely facades. Do not be fooled into trading your feelings of joy for the perception.

Realise these individuals will still have to be present and consistent with the actions that sustain their superficial wealth. There will be paperwork, there will be administration and there most certainly will be a discrimination against their own hearts.

Instead, I would press on you to consider the simple actions that bring about joy in themselves.

Ask yourself this question. What does your intuition guide you to each day? When your prior commitments are concluded, what feeling stirs up in your body?

To sing, dance or play an instrument?

Perhaps it is not that obvious. But again, I would press you to look deeper beyond the surface level activity in of itself.

Take your joy for reading, what value in reading really resonates with you – discover your love for telling stories, sharing moral characteristics and the keys to character psychology.

Trust your feelings – follow them and you will always be in joy.

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Grateful for your presence,


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Kate Northmore
Kate Northmore

thank you that was good to read.

Lovie Price

it is often difficult to figure out what we will do.Perhaps trying to discover what we will ‘be’ is a better ‘initial’ option.What kind of “person” do i desire to become first, and then following that path will dictate what we do?

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