How You THINK Yourself Sick

The body is the mind.

This sentiment is so crucial to the understanding of mental health that I will reference it for the rest of my life.

The big problem is, that no one really understands what is meant by ‘the body is the mind’.

People rightly perceive these two as separate entities, such as being in good physical health, whilst somewhere else something is not right with your psychological wellbeing.

Whilst this is very true, an alarming amount of people determine physical or ‘body’ health by just that – how their body looks, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me explain.

Soldiers. Fit, strong, warriors in the peak of physical condition have been at the mercy of trauma/PTSD for far too long. I know I don’t need to convince you of the previous notion that whilst an individual can appear to be physically healthy, they are actually not; and you already know that. In fact, you might have felt it yourself.

That’s what I’m really trying to communicate to you, it’s a feeling not so much a thought. Feelings are interpreted by the body through sensation. I mean, as a brief mental exercise, think back to a really distressing moment in your life and pay attention to how you physically felt?

There is a reason why phrases like “gut wrenching”, “heart break” and “skin crawling” are all known to us. Because they are a REAL visceral feeling. A feeling created by thought alone, in this case trauma.

That word again – feeling.

The body has a memory of its own, in fact the body doesn’t know the difference between an event you’ve created in your head and the present moment.

What I mean by that if you think back to a memory when you were really happy, the sensations that you feel are so real that the body believes you are living the memory in the present moment.

You can literally FEEL the past though THOUGHT.

This is the very nature of trauma itself, people get stuck thinking back to an event in the past that the body cannot escape; and is deeply rooted in the body.

I share this information in the hopes to bring a better understanding of trauma itself, and in the hopes that you don’t let your thoughts keep you living in the past from where there is only turmoil.

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I was just researching this. I really enjoyed this article. The body and mind are one.


Loved this one, and the accompanying video. I think modern science has a long, long way to go in rooting out the physiological links between our experiences, perceptions, and physical health. Well done!

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