The 3 KEYS to Health

Where’s all the Content?

Sometimes I look back on the 6 months worth of content I have been publishing and wonder that, to the average person, what about the things I say really pertain to “Holistic Health” or health in general.

I will admit, there is scarcity of ‘how to get abs in 12 weeks’ workout plans and ‘the best smoothie for you’ nutrition guides. Not that they’re not important – they are.

However health to me, and hopefully to you, consists far more of what you look like and more of what you feel, do and think like.

Those words, feel, do and think are all a precursor to how we can simply BE.

That is why I structure a wholesome approach to health as EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL & MENTAL wellbeing.


This describes our health in relationship to the past. Often that not, the way we approach life can always be nailed down to a previous experience, be it positive or negative.

Because our past and emotions are the prerequisite factor for EVERYTHING we choose to do moving forward, it is crucial that we develop an understanding of how we FEEL on a day to day basis, for this serves as the foundation for progress.

Here is why you have heard me, and will hear me promote practical exercises to cultivate emotional health. Mediation, journalling, art and talking therapy to name a few.

These are ALL resources we NEED to FEEL better.


This describes our health in relation to the present moment. The things we are currently doing and engaging in speak volumes of who we are as a person. People talk a lot, but it is what you DO that truly defines you.

Every action you take in the moment is what you vote for. If you are exercising, your actions are consistent with someone who is physically healthy. If you take an action of smoking, you are voting for the type of person who has poor lung health.

All we EVER have is the present moment. My offer to you, is to use it to prioritise your health and make the future easier

It is simple as that…otherwise we confront the final hurdle.


This describes our health in relationship to the future. We have been given both a gift and a curse in this mind, the ability to see into the future and plan our perfect lives. But look too far ahead and we can become anxious and nervous for the future, too far behind and we become depressed and trapped in the emotional past.

We must use this gift sparingly, for it is the most powerful technology we possess. Over indulge in it and you can lose touch with the present moment and with reality altogether.

Take cold showers, read, meditate, exercise and breathe deeply to bring you back to the now.

Personal Growth

Only with the realisation that you can only grow under the rubric of what these 3 proponents of health represent can we begin to realise that the biggest precursor to success in our jobs, relationships, business and fundamentally our happiness is in prioritising our HEALTH.

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Grateful for your presence,


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