When Should YOU Listen to Others

My intention is to share with you the circumstances when you should take other peoples advice and how to choose between several different options for your question.

The challenge is that for every question we’re needing a solution for, it seems that there are an abundance of different answers out there. The world we live in is littered with information and just when we feel like we’ve found a solution, we find someone else is exclaiming the converse opposite!

How do we decide who is right?

Knowledge VS Experience

It is here I wanted to delineate the differences between knowledge and experience.

Knowledge is of the head and experience is of the body. In this way, experience is really our personal account of which we have felt an event of situation, we can only really experience something through our senses. To see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Knowledge is more logical, it is the interpretation of your physical sensations into factual information and the memory of the experience itself. Knowledge is the ability to recall this stored information to give you more concise details. In this way, the mind is a cutting tool, it crops out only the important data and leaves the rest, which is typically how you felt about the information.

How We Give Advice

The reason we need to draw and understand this distinction is because these are typically the two ways we communicate information and advice.

If you are able to discern whether someone if offering you knowledge or experience the caveat typically lies in knowledge.

Now, this is going to be dependent on the context and your goals. However, indulge me in the following example:

If you want to be a better writer – listen to the person who IS a great writer, not the person who has all the knowledge on what makes a great writer.

Experience is everything, after all you cannot read how to be a great swimmer.

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