Here’s Why Motivation WON’T Help You.

The idea of motivation is always so pleasing to us.

Everyone loves that feeling you get when you watch an inspirational video or speech. That element of fire in your belly at the prospect of planning your workout routine and what you’ll look like in the next 6 months…

Sounds familiar?

Motivation is Temporary

The reason I hate throwing the word motivation around with my clients is that is has an air of the temporary about it. Like a coffee or espresso that you have to keep taking at intervals throughout the day to keep you going.

Don’t mistake me. There’s nothing wrong with coffee.

But I’d start to resent it, if I NEEDED it to realise how I want to live my life.

Ask yourself this question: why do you need motivation in order help you live the way you’ve always wanted too?

If you keep falling off track from your goals – your goals are not BIG enough.

The outcome in itself must be of such QUALITY that there is no dispute whether the efforts needed are worth the reward.

Seek Discipline

I’m not suggesting for a second that we don’t all have bad days. We all know the feeling of grinding out the same tasks, over and over again in pursuit of the things we desire – it can all get a bit too much.

Motivation is a crutch.

Discipline is a tool you should seek to exercise, it will aid you in your ability to get things done whether you feel like it or not.

You’ve Already Won

If you are like me, and you exercise your discipline everyday in order to do the things that are going to be conducive to your goal. You will soon realise something magical.

Over time, you will recognise this – the actions you worked so hard to instil in your daily routine are consistent with the person that has the life you want to live.

What I mean by that is what was once thought as chores, are now the things you love to do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You are doing some creative, you are helping people you are providing value!

You are living and breathing your goals – you have already won.

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Grateful for your presence,


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Lovie Price

ah..for the very first time ever, i will have to slightly disagree with you here. I believe that motivation can be a key part of the process ( albeit certainly NOT the process itself). Motivators are like the key being put into the lock..neither works without the other. I understand what you are saying here- they are not what gets you to the goal…but they do have a useful purpose…also there are a lot of different types of motivators- the death of a loved one with COPD may motivate someone to quit smoking, the guilt someone feels for something they… Read more »

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