How to Cure Anxiety & Depression.

I wanted to share an insight I had into elevating some of the more prominent mental neurosis in the population.

Indulge me in this different perspective.

We have two different modalities in which we experience the world – THOUGHT & FEELING.

Life is about balance, that is an incontrovertible, axiomatic truth. By that I mean there is no right or wrong way to approach anything, it seems the only appropriate way to navigate life is to be mediate between opposites – this is crucial to understanding life.

Let me frame my proposition like this.

Anxiety and depression are caused with an imbalance in the head. We can spend so much time and energy thinking about the past and future, the memories that make us depressed and the ideas that make us anxious. This leads to an enormous amount of energy being used in the brain, so much pressure and resources have been funnelled into habitual thought processes that we almost implode!

The cure is in the body.

We’ve spent an enormous amount of energy stuck in our heads we forget to channel this energy back into the body. It almost feels alien to us when we come back to the present moment and really begin being again. Think of the major muscle groups starved of energy and resources because we’ve been using them to fuel our brain for unhealthy thoughts.

Readdress the imbalance by coming back home to your body, using your muscles; walking, running, swimming, football, tennis and literally anything that gets you out of your head and into your body.

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Lovie Price

hey…i AM on your mailing’s my free habit tracker???


Love this! As Rumi said, “The cure for the pain is the pain.” It’s so vital to truly “feel” the fear and allow it to express itself without becoming crystallized and rooted.


(Oops, comment got cut off) And I certainly agree that exercise is one of the best ways to let the fear/depression manifest and be worked through in an active manner. It was one of the main reasons I got into boxing!

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