How to REALLY Get What You Want

This follows the reality that we always seem to be in certain stage of life that consists with some kind of pursuit or goal in mind. This might be present in your particular stage in the form of a holiday, a new job, more money or material possessions such as a new car or phone.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting, I want to caution you in the evolution of this want into desire.

By that I mean to over emphasise, over fixated on the material item itself and miss the new reality of living you are truly seeking. Look deeper into these objects, past the face and surface level and you will find the deepest part of yourself that your are truly wanting.

Your desire for a new car can be logically justified as an upgrade and a treat for all your hard work.

However, hidden beneath the surface you feel this desire is more truthfully a want for recognition, a want for acceptance and appreciation. In this way you know that if you are seen to be associated with items and accolades of higher value, you yourself, will be associated with high value and perhaps command more respect, more acknowledgement.

If this is true let me offer you a way to REALLY get the things you want.

If you understand that your wanting is predicated on ability to FEEL the world then let me share with you this:

The world only reflects back at you what you give first.


The mirror can only smile back at you, once you have made the conscious decision to give it your smile.

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Grateful for your presence,


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Ben Peters
5 months ago

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Seek first to love, then to be lover.

Ben Peters
5 months ago
Reply to  Ben Peters

*loved. Good stuff. I’ve been dealing with this same challenge—the world as we perceive it seems to be a reflection of the inner state. And it reinforces itself in our interactions with people.

Lovie Price
5 months ago

sooooo…if i give the world a car, i will get one back , right?lol…just kidding…good thinking here and as always, i agree..:)

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