It’s not all Progress

I know I could do with being kinder to myself, and I know you could too.

Whenever we are in the pursuit of our mission, dreams and happiness it can be hard to remain consistent.

We ALL suffer set backs, because life is not linear in this way.

Having felt this recently, I wanted to share some insight from one of my mentors that helped me and can hopefully help you.

Whenever it feels like you are stuck or experiencing a loss, remember this:

Treat yourself like you’re responsible for someone you are helping.

This was a real perspective changer for me, It helps me take a step back and look at myself if I were my own parent, friend or partner.

I realised that I can take on too much and needlessly suffer as a result.

The world can’t be fixed in a day people.

As I write this I’m reminded it’s Sunday; even God took a rest on Sunday.

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Grateful for your presence,


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5 months ago

That’s from the 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson, right?

Ben Peters
5 months ago

I’ve heard it framed similarly—“What advice would you give someone else dealing with the same situation?” Some of us are good at advising others — what would change if we took our own advice? Sometimes it helps to hear it from another mouth, but we don’t always have that luxury

5 months ago

Thank you 🙇Kindness

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