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Do this ONE thing for Success in Life.

Life is not easy, I liken it your typical rollercoaster – a lot of ups, downs and instances of feeling nauseous.

But I like it, I mean I REALLY enjoy this game we’re all playing, but it feels like I’m only part of a select few and it got me curious. Are there certain habits or behavioural traits that play to your advantage wherever success is concerned in life?

You can talk about genes and your upbringing all you want, everyone has had their fair share of traumatic experiences, dark seasons and demons in the closet. I don’t like the “who’s suffered more” add on package to this game, it’s not fun to play.

You know what has always been consistently fun thing for me to do in life?

Lifting weights.

But it wasn’t always that way, in the beginning I struggled, it was difficult and very often painful the following days. But i kept at it.

10 years later and I love it.

I love the feeling of overcoming resistance under the pressure and even the reality of injury or death.

Looking around at the few happy souls in my life, the one thin g that every single one of them has in common is this practice.

Not solely the practice of lifting weights, but the practice of CHOOSING to do something difficult and OVERCOME it.

  • Cold showers
  • Meditation
  • Ice baths
  • Extreme sports
  • Fasting

And much, much more.

Life is consistent resistance – and overcoming that resistance.

Challenge and rebuttal.

That’s how we grow.

The difference between amplifying the chance for success is the different between choosing the practice to face adversary and choosing not too.

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Grateful for your presence,


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6 months ago

I gave up sugar BEFORE the holidays. I have never felt better. I love the feeling of overcoming something, too. Great article.

6 months ago

Lifting weights keeps me in balance physically and mentally. I’ve been lifting weights since high school, and working out or playing sports my whole life. Being active helps me think more clearly and be prepared for whatever life may throw at me. It may seem unrelated to success in life but to me it’s intertwined into my lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!

6 months ago

Agreed 💯 |weights have become therapy for me.

Lovie Price
6 months ago

i loved lifting weights and did it for over 20 years. Then i stopped in 2011 and have had a very difficult time getting regular with it again. Mainly i believe it is my distaste for public gyms ( i used to love them but they seem germ-y to me now). I have been doing my 3-4 mile a day hikes for a few months and have been loving that , added in daily yoga to help with stretching . But i notice i really still miss the weights. My plan is to begin purchasing what i need for at… Read more »

Lovie Price
6 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

gonna get some my experience i find the kettle bells hurt my wrists a bit too much ( as in wear & tear, not a good hurt) .Its strange though because i find the EZ curl better as far as bar bells go…i guess just an individual thing…:)

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