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Two Problems with the Modern Men.

I worry a lot about the future, particularly the shape of most modern men.

There are some good men, honest and courageous, but they are few and lost between overgrown children, unfaithful husbands, gang members and missing fathers.

There are two main problems that I know of that prevent the materialisation of the mature masculine.

  1. Lack of initiation – men haven’t been taught to be mature men by complete men.
  2. “Patriarchy” – the appalling doctrine of toxic masculinity.

There exists today the concept of initiation or a ‘ritual’ of transitioning from boy to man, but they are few and poor in quality. The best ones I can think of are conscription and service in the military. More concerning include such initiations as hard drugs, unsupervised psychedelic experiences and even more appalling gang initiations through stealing and killing.

This is what really gives rise to number 2. This toxic masculinity is ascribed through incomplete, skewed and poisoned rituals for becoming a complete man.

Women reading this, I wish to dispel your position on these ‘modern men’, the hot shots, yes men, unreliable and irresponsible. Toxic might be right, but these are not men. These are boys, pretending to be men. At the very most, they are men who are incomplete, fragmented and scattered.

Number 1 needs a lot of work to address the imbalance of the masculine psyche. It takes a lot of integrating through ancient archetypes, which I will discuss in the future. Namely the KING, WARRIOR, MAGICIAN AND LOVER.

However with number 2, we can give men a chance to grow away from the concept of toxic masculinity. Telling young men that their desire for power is predicated on toxic tyranny is not good. Power is competence, we need to encourage competence, we need to encourage conscientiousness, because the patriarchy and toxic masculinity are not the same thing.

What do you think the characteristics of a complete modern man are?

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7 months ago

I look forward to ready more of your truthful words. Definitely an eye opener.

6 months ago

Modern men to me are completely work driven, prone to isolation, and ego dominant.

6 months ago

For sure.

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