king or queens throne

What being a KING in the 21st Century means to me.

I got asked this question recently: what does it mean to be a strong king in my life?

It’s not something you get asked everyday, what makes a man a king and what makes a woman a queen in this modern age?

I pondered this question for a while and this is what I came up with:

Being a king fundamentally means being responsible. Responsibility for the burden you bear on the world, so that you might make it less so. Cultivating BALANCE in his own self regulation therefore becomes paramount: health, resources, habits, relationships and even information he must scrutinise before allowing into his environment and subsequently influencing his psychology.

Specifically for me? A leader, an educator, highly conscientious. Someone who sees intrinsic value in others when they do not; and is determined to shake them out abject apathy and nihilism and towards a path of meaning.

Though a strong speaker, a strong king does not need to speak. He is the embodiment of wisdom for his actions alone reflect the virtues he wishes to instil in others and the world.

In short, I’m not interested in ruling with tyrannical power.

I want to empower you to get up and do something, and I want you to do it well, because you love it.

What do you think makes a KING or QUEEN in the 21st Century?

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