How to Help Someone Realise Their Potential.

“You inspire me”.

What a turn of phrase to hear, I don’t think anything provides people with so much joy as to be recognised as an ideal to strive towards.

I like talking to people, I really do; and I hope people like talking to me. I never really know, it’s more of a feeling, something intuitive. I assume a good indicator is they come back for more conversation and that’s good enough for me.

Fundamentally, I try to be honest and genuine as I can be, almost transparent to the fact that I hope people see a part of themselves in me. Because that’s how I like to talk to people. I like to see a piece of myself reflected back and know that I am in a safe, familiar territory.

People are flawed. I am flawed. I hope everyone sees that, in that way I wanted to be accepted as I accept you.

In this commonality, know that I am as real as you are.

By knowing that you are the same flesh and blood as any ideal you strive to be, take great care in truth that life is. The truth of life is to grow.

This indifference between you, I, other or any form of biological life on Earth forces me to the following presupposition: everyone has in them the inherit capacity, tendency and destiny to move forward towards maturity and fulfilment.

This is not so easy. Life makes this difficult, this fundamental truth to life can get hidden and buried underneath a myriad of debilitating experiences. But know that it still and always exists.

Experiences are therefore king or the keys towards future potential.

If you can experience a relationship that is built on the principles of honesty, transparency and familiarity I truly believe you can see in that person, life in its raw true form. Like a flower growing and blooming from the dirt you can actualise yourself, you can see purpose.

Your perspective shifts, values change, your vision opens and moves beyond the grips of repression.

You see future, you see meaning.

You were born to grow.

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7 months ago

“The truth of life is to grow.” I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the insightful reminder!

7 months ago

This is worth reading

Lovie Price
7 months ago

as always – great post, wonderful insights

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