5 Core Habits for Happiness.

I try and shy away from these types of blog posts – then again, the examples that I see in the Word Press community provide really easy, practical ways of approaching life, and in this case happiness, so why not indulge you!

1. High Intensity Exercise/Physical Activity.

Be it weight lifting, long distance running, rock climbing or even dancing, It is crucial that we cultivate a practice of moving our body in a way that is challenging. From a happiness perspective, life is pain, that much is true. If we are able to create this pain on our own terms, exploring the boundaries of our physiological limitations we can simulate the same reality of life. We can practice the same breakdown and repair, for as Nietzsche put “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Physical activity in this way is not pain, but a challenge an opportunity to face adversary and come out better on the other end.

2. Eat Whole Organic Food.

What you are is what you eat and nothing could be more true.

People tend to get emotionally invested wherever their food is concerned, and for good reason. Sometimes, we feel like it’s the only control and luxury we truly have over ourselves and who is anyone to tell you otherwise. In this respect, I want to shift your perspective from temporary pleasures that provide only instant gratification; and reframe food as something that will support you with who you want to be.

The benefits of eating raw, organic food from the Earth stretch into the hundreds and thousands. Instead, I invite you cultivate a sense of mindfulness in the following idea – what you buy and therefore eat is what you vote for. If you eat organically, you are voting for a future that not only supports your holistic health, but for a future investment in produce that is farmed ethically, pesticide free and with strong moral principle.

You are keeping these attributes in business and alive.

3. Get 8 Hours Sleep Every Night (be in bed before 10:30).

The keys to life are balance. Life is yin and yang, night and day. You cannot hope to develop the secret to a fundamentally happy lifestyle without the union of opposites. Having an appreciation that an appropriate level of hard work must be rebalanced with an subsequent level of rest is quintessential for longevity, wholeness and happiness.

Once you are conscious that happiness is not a linear process you will have made the first steps towards enlightenment. Consciousness doesn’t exist without the living awareness of opposites – happiness exists through the integration and balance of those opposites.

4. Practice Mindfulness, Practice Gratitude, Practice the Present Moment.

The 21st century is over bearing and over stimulating.

More and more technology is designed to kidnap our attention in the form of commercials, advertisement and social media. We need a break from these technologies, especially in our day to day. The prevalence of mental health issues, cognitive impairments and abject relationships are proof of the effects of the contemporary world.

ADHD was born in 1902 – these conditions are new phenomena.

Every day take 10 minutes just to be with yourself, breathe. Quite the internal chatter, no time to stress about money, the future, relationships. Because right now, in the present moment, these things do not exist. We are just sitting, breathing and listening to our bodies. What could truly be so terrible about that?

Think of the things you have: a roof over head, running water and food on the table. Life isn’t so bad, give thanks to your situation, your friends your family – someone ALWAYS has it worse off than you.

5. Habit of Tracking Habits.

Having a goal might be the biggest and most fundamental component to happiness, we all need something to aim for, something to strive towards, it gives life meaning. That being said, it’s not technically a habit. So, I propose getting in the habit of tracking what you do either by a week to week or month to month basis, take your pick. In this way, you can evaluate whether your current habits are leading you in a direction which is within alignment of your goals.

Big goals aren’t achieved over night. They are actualised by making incremental progresses over a long period of time and can take months if not years to achieve. By getting into a habit of tracking your habits, you can make your dreams a reality by training your focus and reaffirming behaviours that are truly meaningful to you.

I guess this would be an appropriate segway into the opportunity to benefit from a FREE habit tracker if you subscribe to my email list (if you’ll pardon the shameless marking).

Subscribe for happiness and an investment in your future self if anything, because that’s really your & my business.

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Grateful for your presence,


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7 months ago

This was an insightful article. Thank you for writing this.😊

Lovie Price
7 months ago

nice list!…last year i checked out several CD books from the library specifically on “happiness”..one i remember talked about our happiness “set point”- one that we gravitate back to most of our lives. According to the logic, no matter what happens good or bad, an individual will always go back to his/her set point within 3 months.The author gave the example of someone winning the lottery, who is over joyed at first, and also the example of someone taking a great loss ( job, loved one, etc).He states that no matter which happens , our set point will return to… Read more »

7 months ago

The last item, tracking habits, is HUGE! I had no idea how much consistency was linked to consciously recording things and internalizing them. Great post, Joseph.

7 months ago

Really interesting points. It’s true nowadays a lot of us forget about the fundamentals 🙂

The city of Mercy
7 months ago

Beautiful master piece,well neatly packed together, for he that has ears let him listen.

The city of Mercy
7 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

Of course yes, it’s good to learn from the master.

The city of Mercy
7 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

You are most welcome,


All 5 habits are gold. Great post! Happiness isn’t something you find it’s something that comes to you as a result of what you do.

Yolanda Stallings
6 months ago

I found your blog interesting and it is true as technology excels so does man’s needs to be on top on everything. Please read my posts and make any comments

Human Performance Psychology

Lovely, lovely post and good points… myself surly need to sleep more … 😞

6 months ago

I agree with all of your happiness ideas except #1. I get plenty of exercise with low intensity yoga to test my physical/emotional limits.

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