Why We Should Listen to People’s Problems.

Everyone has problems.

But that doesn’t matter, because we have problems of our own and we’re the ones who’s got to solve them.

No one else is going to do it for us.

Here’s something you’ve never considered. You can solve someones problems, pretty big ones at that.

You can start to repair the angst in someones life, if not a stranger but someone suffering close to you and here’s how it works:

When someone receives undivided attention in order to feel fully accepted in their feelings, you reflect the behaviour of listening back into them. By showing this skill of listening, you teach someone to listen to themselves. Their pain, desperation, depression or whatever it may be.

In this way, the individual cultivates this skills and begins to recognise thoughts, actions and habits that create this internal sensation of suffering within themselves. They become conscious of suffering by their own hands, which lends itself to recognise the opposite – to be mindful of what behaviours grow happiness and joy.

Awake to their repressed feelings a platform of change and action is available to them.

When you talk to someone who needs help – be the person they need to become in order help themselves.

Another way of saying this is the following: listening to people’s problems with empathy and genuine willingness for them to express feeling, is the first catalyst for personal growth and development.

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This is so true and valuable. I often think of how easy it would have been for Christ or the Buddha to simply leave behind civilization and live out their days alone, inwardly content. But true, bountiful joy is found in teaching others to liberate themselves. Wonderful!

Kyle Van Schalkwyk

Connect with emotions… Genuine emotions. Excellent post.

Melanie Simon

Sounds like we share the same passion for active listening and empathy!


I like this: ….. to be mindful of what behaviors grow happiness and joy.
Taking about sensitivity.

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