This is Why Your Life is Boring.

I hope you have a near death experience. Maybe you already have; if not, here’s how to prepare:

Your life is far too comfortable. Because you are deeply afraid. Paralysed into a routine without fear. We need fear. Fear is the catalyst for progress.

It is in my experience, that until you exercise the feeling the fear, you are then set free to experience life in its entirety. You see, it is the contrast of life, your perception of the brightest and warmest of days is only truly realised and appreciated after the experience of the coldest and darkest of nights. You have lost this feeling of the cold night, you have traded in fear for a grey life, a comfortable life, a boring life.

Fear will always be here though, I can show you where you can find it. Where you can experience it.

It flickers through in those thoughts of quitting your boring day job, leaving your oppressive partner, starting that business you always wanted. Isn’t it funny how you will rationalise with yourself in these moments; talk yourself out of these ‘silly’ ideas. Some of the words and phrases that often come up might be: “it’s not the right time”, “what about my financial security”, “what if this is the best I can do” and “what if I never find someone again”.

You will find it in the people you have unconsciously surrounded yourself with. Your colleagues, your partner and your friends, who are not really your friends, because all of them would rather see you stay where you are and drown with the rest of them. After all, you’re no more more worthy than them right?

I promised you I’d show you where you can find fear. It is in your very home. Enter the bathroom.

If you want to truly embrace fear. Step into your shower. Dial the temperature all the way back to freezing cold; here’s where those irrational thoughts quickly appear again – you’ve never done this before. It is very, very interesting and almost comedic how your internal voice will rationalise with yourself as you do this:

You are not going to enjoy this. This is not what you want to do. We don’t normally do this. Don’t you want to enjoy this shower? I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. This is stupid.

This voice is everywhere, you would have heard it telling you not to ask that person out, the voice that tells you not to go for that promotion or ask for a higher salary, the same voice that keeps you on a leash, tethered to the idea that you can’t be something more.

All these thoughts rush to the surface and will reach a peak as your hand grips the dial. It is in the next moment, one of two things will happen. A large majority of you will become undone and slip back into your everyday routine of warm and comfortable showers – a testament to your grey life. To those who are tired of the monotony and who realise that a cold shower won’t kill you. Turn the dial. Experience fear hail over you. Let it shock every pore in your body, down to your very bones. Big gasp. Erratic breathing. Focus now. Control your breath. Inhale. Exhale. You are still alive.

The Science Behind it All.

Whilst we hyperventilate, our oxygen intake increases rapidly, flooding our head and brain – making us light-headed, almost euphoric. At the same time the cold shock flushes out the acidity pent up in the body, giving way to a different chemical state. As we begin to control and slow our breath the pH in our blood rises to an increased level of alkalinity. Heart rate slows, balance emerges. Homeostasis is realised.

A cold shower is a powerful tool to exercise our will to act despite fear. Using this as a daily ritual prepares the body and mind for the prospect of adversary in the pursuit of progress.

You will find people who have experienced the most success in this life have not done so without the presence of fear. It is an unquestionable truth that potential for your happiness will never be comprehendible without the known realisation that there is also a possibility for an equal and opposite existence – unhappiness. You can still fail & feel unhappiness in the safest options, so you might as well take the chance in doing something you love.

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Grateful for your presence,


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home, garden, life
11 months ago

Thought provoking post Joseph. I know a horseman who has recently begun plunging into fridged water or baths…I think my heart would stop. But maybe I will try your challenge. Diane

11 months ago

You can always try gently turning down a hot shower to feel the same effects of discomfort. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you.

home, garden, life
11 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

Thank you for this suggestion. I will try it. During summer months, my shower temp is nearly cold. More of a challenge during the winter. 😉

The city of Mercy
8 months ago

I love this:fear is a catalyst for progress…. like this: using this as a daily ritual prepares the body and the mind for the prospect of adversary in the pursuit of progress….

Progress is sweet but its price is responsible.nothing in life is free.

The city of Mercy
8 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

Am cool thanks, I so much value the h & h letters, Health and happiness,we shouldn’t toy with them.they all keep our system Sound.

Lovie Price
8 months ago

hmm..i thought i had commented on this already– weird.. But anyway, i could have written this myself.I agree with every word. ATM..all this quitting stuff going on in my life is very uncomfortable. But not boring , for sure. Ironic- i just put in a job application Monday, interview will be next week. I have been with my current agony for 6 plus years and i knew it was time for a change. I hummed & hawed around for years…but am finally doing something about it. i guess for me it was not so much fear as going through the… Read more »

8 months ago

This is excellent! Fear really is the catalyst for growth. We need it to thrive 🙂

8 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh

Definitely! I’ll be going through your backlog of posts this weekend.

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