The World is Your Mirror.

You are the creator.

Look at the world you see before you now and know that you made is so, in perfect reflection of who you are.

Witness when you are truly happy. Laughing with a friend, and know that it is only so, because you feel the presence of familiarity. You see the reflection of yourself and your humour in another.

When you witness someone in pain and suffering, notice the discomfort arise in your body; know that this sensation is present only because it returns you to a place in time of your own pain, your own suffering.

Notice the people that make you feel uneasy, your arrogant colleague and your lazy manager. Bring your attention to the emotions you feel when you experience their behaviour, and know that this is felt because it was once you or could be you.

In a different time, different place this behaviour affects you because you have learned the lesson necessary to be in harmony with others. Or, because you fear this potential behaviour in your future and you ask yourself – could I really be capable of this?

The truth is, we can all be capable of the most abhorrent behaviour.

It just depends on what you wish to reflect back into your world.

What have you been reflecting onto your world & what do you see back in the mirror?

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Ianus Christius
6 months ago


Lovie Price
6 months ago

i once had a guru who told me tp practice saying my feelings out loud to the mirror..because everything i ‘felt’ was really about me, despite what triggered it. It was an interesting experience.Then he said see everyone who speaks to you as a mirror- same thing.It tells you something about yourself because of how u react. Great post!

The city of Mercy
6 months ago

Your post has taken me back to my science class days, where we studied light and the law of reflection,on two different glasses,the concave and the conflex glasses, when the Ray of light strick these glasses. It’s really amazing that their reflection to light Ray differs,the same light but they have different reflection. Our present state is Product of our past,our future lies heavily on the present, how much input are we ready to invest in the present to get a better tomorrow- reflection. Joseph thanks for sharing this, its really amazes me how you think. Loading...

6 months ago

Thank you, Joseph, for your insight on this matter. I completely agree with you and believe in the power of our thoughts in the creation of our world.

5 months ago

I really like the vibe of this post. Our world truly is defined by where we are and when. There’s no other perspective we can experience other than this one, right now. There’s a quote I once heard that goes something like “Be what the world is becoming.”

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