Could this be the Root of Genetic Disease?

I wanted to share with you a pretty alarming study, which you can make of what you wish. However, the general deductions made from this study indicate that there is a direct correlation between the lack of raw foods in diet and the likelihood of genetic disease/conditions passed down in future generations.

Pottenger’s Cats

Dr. Pottenger conducted a study on the respective physiological health of two groups of cats and their offspring over 10 years.

The first group of cats were fed a cooked diet, consisting of meat, organs, bones, milk and cod liver oil.

The second group of cats were fed the exact same diet, other than the fact all food was in it’s natural raw state when consumed.

Not a particularly varied diet between the two groups, but rest assured foods like organ and bones are full of dense nutrients, more than satisfactory to keep the cats functioning well.

Dr. Pottenger discovered the following disturbing physiological degeneration in the cooked meat group after 4 generations of exposure:

  • First Generation – low energy, lethargic, poorer coordination and anxious.
  • Second Generation – under weight compared to raw diet group, dental abnormalities, brittle bones and even arthritis in some cases.
  • Third Generation – nasal and ocular allergies, asthma, exhaustion, impaired coordination, neurological impairments and infertility.
  • Fourth Generation – sadly, among the third generation cats that were fertile, their offspring were stillborn.

Compared with the raw diet group, Dr. Pottenger reports very little in the way of physiological degeneration as they continued to produce health generation after healthy generation.

I’ve included the full video below:

Pottenger’s Humans?

So what does this mean for us?

The science behind cooked food helps us to draw some conclusions to what happened here. When food is cooked, it goes through a process of denaturing, which simply means the food loses its structure and characteristics. In this process, food loses its nutrients and the enzymes get destroyed. Enzymes are necessary for the food to be appropriately broken down and absorbed into the body, they are the key.

Now human beings have a very varied diet in the ratio of cooked and raw foods and we live for a far longer period that the typical cat, which is roughly 15 years.

However, Pottengers cats elude to the idea that a diet entirely predicated on cooked foods is void of nutrients and the means to absorb them.

This notion made me think about us, about people and all our genetic defects. Hereditary diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis and the inability to procreate.

Where it all really comes from – could it really be the absence of raw, nutritionally dense foods like carrots and corn, straight from the ground?

What do you think about Pottenger’s cats & how much raw food do you include in your diet?

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Lovie Price
6 months ago

i don’t know. It seems to make sense in theory, however biology regarding the human digestive system verses a felines makes me question it. I don’t know many cats who are vegetarians or who eat much in the way of vegetation by choice(lol) Additionally, nutrients provided by meats vs. plant indefinitely a factor.So, while i would pretty much agree that raw whole foods along the lines of PLANTS is probably healthier, i am still hesitant to think that raw meats are in the same category – if only because most of us have way less ability to control our meat… Read more »

The city of Mercy
6 months ago

Humanly speaking i believe there is element of Truth in pottenger’s report,the more we are getting more advanced the further we are moving away from natural foods, thereby getting more and more closer towards processed foods. Some few months back,I did write a post about “the No 1 causes of untimely death globally” one of the shocking revelation about my findings was that,what we are eating are the major factor responsible for this sudden death from chronic disease. But we all have the power to stop this bad trend through eating healthy,we have role and responsibilities to play.chronic disease is… Read more »

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