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Expressing Gratitude – 100 Followers.

I wanted to take an opportunity to express my appreciation to all who have liked, commented and followed Holistic Health.

I created this as a platform to primarily help me learn; I feel I try harder to write my best content when I know I have other people reading, but never did I imagine I would be able to reach and connect with over a hundred of you.

To every one of you, thank you for supporting myself and a place for healthy ideas in movement, nourishment and mindfulness.

A Place for Balance, A Place for Ideas.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate the existence of Holistic Health and what all of you support.

This is a place for the freedom and open discussion of all ideas.

Although largely predicated on my personal experiences, this place will always value all human experiences in the pursuit for balance in health and happiness.

I know health and happiness can be a broad spectrum to cover, but I hope you’ll be patient with me as we all grow on this journey to create the strongest versions of ourselves.

In this pursuit, I hope to continue to merit your support and especially, to create an open dialogue with all of you about ideas and the successes in your lives.

Always grateful for your presence.


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Lovie Price

happy to be here and enjoy your posts:) congrats on reaching 100!

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