How to Brainwash Yourself.

Let’s cut to the fact. I’ll let you know now, that brainwashing is very real; I’d like to share with you a strong technique that will allow you change your behaviour and ultimately your character.

Do you believe people can change? Okay, what about you – do you really believe your beliefs, your values, behaviour and thoughts will those really be different in a months time. What about a years time? Will you recognise the person people know and describe you to be in the future.

First, decide what kind of trait you need to develop or change in order to become the person you want to be and be specific – does this improved version of yourself play tennis for an hour a week? Do they eat more vegetables instead of chips for dinner? Perhaps they just want to cut down to just the one pint at the pub? Let’s take something as simple as going to the gym every Saturday.

Second, write it down now. Don’t think about it. I want you to physically get up, grab a pen and write out whatever you need to do in order to be that person. “I go to the gym every Saturday”. It is not enough to think it, the idea needs to be embodied by you through a physical affirmation in writing; when it is, the idea has solid presence in reality. If you can’t take this initial step – you’ve already lost as thoughts are preverbal and abstract.

Third, say it out loud now. “I go to the gym every Saturday”.

Here’s where it get’s uncomfortable. Go out and tell people. Now, notice that feeling you just got, that heat creeping up behind your ears, that nervous energy, that’s your ego struggling to identify with this new character you’re about to bring into this world. Because if you tell people this – it’s now real. Tell your closest friends, your mum, your dad, your boss, your colleagues, your partner, even your love interest – make it your mission to let everyone you respect and interact with the most, that this behaviour is a part of your life and what you identify with.

This is a social contract you have engaged in. You now have accountability for your statements, which requires action and consistency of habit without which, your words are empty. Because guess what – people will ask you about this new habit.

You know what, if you are so smart and hell bent on changing the person people perceive you to be – open a word document right this second. Type in the new behaviour change you’ve been thinking about whilst you read this (because I know you skipped step 2). Now, copy and paste it into your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other single online platform you use on a daily basis.

Truly terrifying stuff right, but then again, recognise this truth: If you want to be someone you’ve never been before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.

So pick up the phone – declare to the world who you want to be today.

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Lovie Price
8 months ago

totally agree with all of this…wonderful! As you might guess i am an AVID goal achiever…and every step from saying it aloud to writing it down to posting it publicly definitly helps t keep you accountable!

Ianus Christius
8 months ago


Ianus Christius
8 months ago
Reply to  josephtainsh


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