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The Man in the Woman.

While the title isn’t completely misleading, I would like the women reading this to know that you are not as feminine as you might think you are.

But don’t worry men, I won’t leave you out, as in fact the opposite is very much the truth too.

Dr.Jung discusses the the concept of the anima and the animus, the female and male psyche of an individual. Some of you might appropriate this better with Taoisms Yin and Yang symbolism, for which I find a lot of peace and resonance in.

In this respect, Dr.Jung and I agree. No man is entirely masculine, that he has nothing feminine in him – and the equivalent is true in respects to women.

This dialogue follows the idea that the path to completeness in character is only achieved through the realisation and integration of the inner man or woman.

The union of opposites through a middle path.

Masculine & Feminine Misconceptions.

I need to preface this by clearing up miscommunication in what you might have come to believe my ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’.

Sadly, contemporary society as you may know it has misrepresented these terms horrendously.

Even I have been at the bane of this very shallow, surface level idea that appropriates femininity with weakness and masculinity with aggression and tyranny. Make this known these are extremist views to the uninitiated and a skewed representation of true masculinity and true femininity.

Here are some some more accurate words synonymous with masculinity:


and with femininity:


You’ll start to notice a trend here; that your feminine or masculine traits are only realised because of the potential of its complete opposite.

The Path to Completion.

Let me explain what I, and many others like Dr.Jung have come to realise.

The path to completion, that feeling of wholeness is never going to be achieved if you have a complete over-identification with your gender; and resulting gender specific traits.

The truth:

A complete man is not 100% masculine.

A complete women is not 100% feminine.

The path towards wholeness only starts with the realisation, acceptance and integration of both the father and the mother archetypes.

Women, never mistake your tenderhearted, playful and nurturing nature for the feminine ideal. For you have as much potential to be strong, assertive and focused as any masculine ideal.

^That is true balance.

What misconceptions about what it means to be a woman or a man have you experienced in your life?

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Lovie Price
7 months ago

yup..i believe that none of us are 100% ANYTHING.Also, since i circulate in a pretty diverse culture, i am around many transgender folk and non binary persons regularly. Their presence and lives are another proof of point in this area.

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