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Tired of your Mask?

You’re reading this because you have successfully blended into society. Blended in so well in fact, you have a feeling you no longer know yourself. It is the same reason that brought you here.

In Jungian psychology we discuss the persona. Your personality as you know it in contemporary society.

Let me ask you a question. How do you describe yourself?

Bubbly, easy going, always up for a laugh and doesn’t take life too seriously!

I think that is a fairly admirable description of yourself, in fact, we would almost most certainly get on.

But not all the time. Actually, how you describe yourself at all is largely and always dependent on the time and situation you describe yourself in.

You and I know a lot of people who don’t take life too seriously, and we can tell, because very little ever gets done.

These might be your co-workers. Slow, unprofessional, lazy and the worst of it is – they always get away with it.

You have to pick up their slack. But maybe you don’t mind, because they’re a laugh and after work you can hang out, it’s easy going and water under the bridge.

These people are so over identified with their persona it carries over into every aspect of their lives. Like an actor in a play who just can’t break scene.

  • Your stuck up boss who can never break his totalitarian rule over his employees and have a laugh.
  • Your stone faced, unfeeling siblings and parents who never open up to you emotionally.
  • Your lazy friends who never take any responsibility over their lives and subsequent actions.

This happens to all of us.

Taking off the Mask

Recognise we are flexible beings, and we need to take time to have privacy from our ego and distance from this almost artificial personality; express our true nature.

In our seriousness we can forget to have empathy.

In our whimsy we can forget to take responsibility.

In our contentiousness we can forget to relax.

Take off the mask and find your balance.

Do you ever find yourself changing your personality depending on the environment, social situation and people?

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Lovie Price

yes! yes! yes!- i totally agree…i’ve delved into this subject many times and , ironically, i collect masks ( literally). About a year ago i realized how symbolic that little hobby was.although i THOUGHT i was pretty transparent and “real”, i had to dig deeper and let some things go in my life in order to find the bottom layer. I have just started shedding my figurative masks in these past few months. Thanks so much..always enjoy your posts!

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