You Have Something That I & Everyone Else Wants.

The premise behind these actions and posts is to instil in you a sense that you have something of great value to offer in this world, and it is your duty to make that gift available for the sake of the betterment of the Earth and the prosperity of its people.

It is in my experience, that in order to do so, we need to start at the beginning, starting with ourselves; looking inwardly at who we really are and what we do to represent our acumen and truth in this world.

I believe that once we have looked at ourselves and found the strength to reconcile with certain demons in our lives, we are then set free to offer the world something that comes from a place of experience, equanimity and strength. Make no mistake. This. Is. Difficult. It is a constant balancing act between our beliefs, actions, emotions and thoughts. I know, that if we can create consistency in the implementation of mindfulness, nourishment and physical activity in our daily lives something profound happens:

The fog clears, energy rises, perspective shifts. Like removing the smear from the lenses of your glasses and looking out at the world with new eyes, fresh faced, not looking for what you can take – but for what you can give.
I feel like it would be dishonest of me to communicate to you today friend, If I didn’t feel like I was in a balanced state of mind and being to be able to offer you something that I feel is of value to you.

I have reached a point in my journey that I am fortunate enough to share my experiences in holistic healthcare that will be conducive to you as a character and building on this person you want to be. I know that If you surrender your ego and entertain these words not just in thought but action, I am confident that your work, relationships and purpose will be ultimately refined with that vividness of quality and excitement you first had in that initial spark of connection.

You see you are a house. Only until we look at ourselves first and recognise an absence of strength and stability in our foundation, can we take the necessary steps towards relaying the brick work, changing the piping, setting in new flooring – making ourselves habitable first. Only then can we fully communicate and take action from a place of wholeness; lend our skills to others, which have been consolidated in the example they see when we speak to our parents, treat our friends and love our partners. Empower others to firstly be happy at, and in their home, then recognise that this is not enough – other people are still building their homes. Other people need help too.

The most valuable currency you possess is being authentic to yourself. Build yourself, build others – then build the world together.

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Alice Bee
Alice Bee

This really hit home, thank you ☺️

Sadia Noor

Exactly! 👌👌

Lovie Price

excellent!always building ..for yourself and others:)

The city of Mercy

Brilliant, you are absolutely on point, I am a firm believer of the principle that no one is a waste on this planet Earth,we are here on a purpose, with certain capacity to deliver that purpose.

Timely awareness of such purpose distinguish men from one another, some are born to sing, some to teach, some with creative ability…the list is endless.

As you have said,if we truly look inward no body is born empty.

Joseph it’s nice being around you, thanks for sharing this thought.

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