why self-love is a practice, not just an idea.

In an age where self-image and mental health are at forefront of contemporary society, I think we can all agree that the notion of self-love is an important one.

Despite attempts by social media, advertisement, celebrities and the tabloids, to play on our own insecurities, there is something comforting in the truth that our own happiness is self-determined. We have the power.

But the real truth is, we only have this power if the notion is practised. We only have this control if we take action on the idea of what self-love represents. Unfortunately, it is not enough to think happy thoughts. You have to live them in your life.

Self is body, as much as mind. So yes, practice meditation and introspective awareness. Do be mindful about how your internal dialogue effects your mental state. Though, I would be remiss if I didn’t invite you to consider the former.

The body is the mind also. Practice the art of self-love by nourishing yourself. Drink water, eat clean organic food from the Earth. Breathe in the clean air and embrace the positive energy in your environment. Look to your family, friends and colleagues for happiness, whilst negating people who would see you make self comparisons.

Finally, find action and gratitude in what you were given. Move your body. Swim in the sea, run in the fields and dance to your hearts content. Don’t ever take it for granted, for there are some born without the gift of this body and movement.

Think and know your value, then breathe it into existence.

Love your mind. Love your body.

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Joseph Tainsh
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
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Zuleima T
Zuleima T
8 months ago

It’s a practice that we all need to learn and implement so we can them pass to our children. It’s very interesting subject, thank you.

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