beware intelligence, seek wisdom instead.

I’ve always had a quite distaste for authority. Teachers, doctors, police and even my parents on the odd occasion. Not that i’m particularly rebellious or egotistical, but because I’ve come to recognise that I am a stickler for quality and competence – I want the best service or advice. Maybe you do too?

When I was young and wanted to learn something new and profound I was always drawn towards the authority in the room, the person who appeared the most intellectually savvy. These will be your professors, scientists and lecturers – revered and valuable titles people look towards when seeking comprehension.

It’s true that occupations of this status have quality in knowledge, there is no doubt in the fact. But I’ve often felt disappointed when I am lectured at, rather than led or guided towards the answers.

You see, I learned something new. I learned why I have always been so rapped in suspicion of titles and accolades. I learned that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

I call these people talking heads. Someone who has a lot to say, perhaps some admiral points but their actions or lack there of, do not reflect the knowledge they are giving or selling to others.

Let me give you an example. Have you had an experience with a personal trainer who is overweight? Perhaps you’ve even witnessed these people on their smoke breaks – would you trust this person with your health? Enough to pay them for their services?

What about your doctor, the highest standard of authority regarding your health and well-being. Several years of medical school and 5 or so years of experience under the belt; yet, you can visually see they are not healthy, they have all the knowledge without the practical demonstration and in their own lives.

You see that’s the difference, I care little for how many degrees and certifications you have in your possession, It’s clear to me you can rehearse a lot of information. I’m not looking for a recital. I’m looking for the synthesis of your knowledge into practical application. Visible actions taken and incorporated into your own life, measured in personal experience – that is the distinction between knowledge and wisdom.

It is not enough to know something you are selling, if you are selling it, you have to believe it and if you believe it – live it.

Beware of talking heads, salesmen and charlatans. Beware of people who don’t practice what they preach – they are tricksters and fraudsters.

If you hire someone to take you to the peak of a mountain, and you discover that they have only made it half-way up, then you are just paying someone to get lost with you.

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Joseph Tainsh
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
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