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It’s 2019 – the digital era and I have no online presence. I mean, that’s not to say that I don’t use various social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and even Pinterest.

But for me, I’ve come to to realisation that apps with particularly addictive interfaces serve no real purpose, other than the occasional ‘like’ for ex work colleagues holiday photos and to stare through almost unseeing eyes at the newborns of people you have long since forgotten.

I’m 24 now. When I really think about having an online presence, I think about the projection of who I am here and now, uploaded to some kind of cloud floating up in space, transparent for the whole world to see. It is in this idea that I’ve learned that I’m not exactly career driven, but purpose orientated – sounds very serious I know, but I would argue that life’s a serious thing.

I’m starting a new job on Tuesday as a Healthcare Adviser for Hertfordshire, a rewarding position – particularly when I consider the companies demographic clientele of vulnerable adults, some of which have physical and cognitive impairments.

Naturally this appointment came as a result of online applications through indeed – always a useful platform to uncover what working opportunities there are available. I realised for me to really grasp these chances in this world, I need to have a serious online platform that allows me to establish learning and marketing opportunities in the field of holistic health and education.

Not only that, but It’s a personal challenge to myself to create some kind of consistency in writing – I’m thinking twice a week every Thursday and Sunday. I hope that this experience manifests communication skills in writing, creativity and personal development.

If you’re reading this, I can’t hope to achieve a sense of communication without dialogue between people, which is why I would like to encourage conversation and the sharing of ideas on this page, as I too plan on sharing; inviting you to explore some on my experiences and knowledge gained in over 5 years of the healthcare industry.

Some insights on health I’d like to share include exercise, psychology, nutrition, meditation and education.

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